Internship Steps

Where do I start?

Step 1

Online Orientation

CLICK HERE to Print out the Internship Agreement and the Request for Academic Internship form.  CLICK HERE to complete the Online Orientation.  Complete the quiz while you’re still at the computer as you may need to refer back to the orientation presentation.

NOTE: If you have already found an internship on your own, and would like to earn credits, you are still required to complete the online orientation. Once you have completed Steps 1-3, please turn in your forms along with a copy of your job description, name of your supervisor and her/his email and phone number.


Step 2

Sign the Agreement

Complete the top part of the Request for Academic Internship form, sign it, and take it to your academic department. The Request for Academic Internship must be signed by your department’s Faculty Internship Coordinator. Have a conversation with your coordinator about how it fits into your academic program. Print out your Degree Audit to show that you have the required G.P.A.   Return the Agreement and signed "Request for Academic Internship" form to the Experiential Learning and Career Management. You will receive more information, including how to use our Web-based internship database, Career Connection.


Step 3

Create a Résumé

Follow the instructions provided in the folder to create a profile for Career Connection.  Refer to the ELCM Job Search Guide (available online) for creating your internship resume which follows national standards for proper formatting. Once your profile is created, you may begin Step 4.


Step 4

Finding an Internship

Using targeted search tools, select about 10 possible jobs from the database, and schedule an appointment with an internship counselor in ELCM to review the positions. Once your résumé is uploaded and we have determined which internships are a good fit for you, we will send your résumé to the employers. Our employers rate very highly with our students: 93% of our student interns from this past semester would recommend their employer to other students.


Step 5


Employers contact YOU directly to schedule an interview.  They may do a phone and/or face-to-face interview.


Step 6

Follow-Up with Employers

You are strongly encouraged to follow up with employers to inquire about the status of your résumé.  Contact our office to obtain a list of contacts for your follow up calls.


Step 7

Accept the Position

Once you have accepted the position, contact our office to sign up for a 30-minute registration session in the Bedford House and provide us with the job ID number found in Career Connection.  If you found the internship on your own please provide the job description, name of your internship site & supervisor along with their contact information. All students must complete the face-to-face registration session to earn credits for the experience, even if you found the internship on your own.  Step 7 is an important step, as this is how you register for credits.  Please note you must pay for tuition for summer internships!  Already completed an academic internship for credit and want to continue it for credit for another semester, you MUST provide ELCM and your departmental internship coordinator an updated job description showing increased responsibilities and/or different duties.  Next, you need to sign up for a 30-minute registration session in the Bedford House so you receive academic credit for the second internship experience.