Steps to finding an internship

Let's get started!

Step 1

Online Orientation

CLICK HERE to complete the Online Orientation.

At the end of the presentation, you will print out the orientation agreement and the Request for Academic Internship form. Complete the quiz while you’re still at the computer—you may need to refer back to the orientation.
NOTE: If you have already found an internship on your own, and would like to earn credits, you are still required to complete the online orientation. Once you have completed Steps 1-3, please turn in your forms along with a copy of your job description.


Step 2

Sign the Agreement

Fill out the top part of the Request for Academic Internship form, sign it, and take it to your academic department. The Request for Academic Internship must be signed by your department’s Faculty Internship Coordinator. Print out your DARS to show that you have the required G.P.A..


Step 3

Return the Forms

Return the Agreement and signed "Request for Academic Internship" form to the Internship Office (Lyle Hall, 3rd Floor). You will receive a folder containing more information, including how to begin using our Web-based internship search database, CareerConnection.


Step 4

Create a Résumé

Follow the instructions provided in the folder to create a profile and an internship résumé in the CareerConnection database. The suggested format for your résumé is also provided in the folder you receive when you turn in your "Request for Academic Internship" form. Once your profile and resume are approved, you may begin Step 5.


Step 5

Search For Jobs

Using targeted search tools, you'll select about 10 possible jobs from our database, and make an appointment with our office to review the positions. Then, we will send your résumé to the employers. Our employers rate very highly with our students: 93% of our student interns from this past semester would recommend their employer to other students.


Step 6

Follow-Up with Employers

Employers contact you directly to set up an interview. You are strongly encouraged to follow up with employers to inquire about the status of your résumé.


Step 7

Accept the Position

Once you have accepted the position, contact our office immediately to sign up for a 30-minute registration session at Lyle Hall. This is an important step, as this is how you register for credits. If you find an internship on your own, please provide a copy of the job description to our office. All students must complete the face-to-face registration session to earn credits for the experience.