Registering Internship Experiences for Academic Credit

Registration sessions are for students who already have secured internships or who have found an internship through the MU Career Connection and need to register for academic credit.  Attending one of these sessions is an important step, as this is how you register the internship for credits.  Please note you must pay for tuition for a credit-bearing internship (See step 7 of the process). 

Before you sign up for a date, Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) must have the following so we can generate the registration paperwork:

  • -A signed "Request for Internship" form - your major or minor department internship coordinator must verify you are eligible to participate in an internship for credit and approve the assignment by signing this form
  • Internship/Job description (if you found the job on your own) OR Job Number if you found it through the MU Career Connection
  • Site supervisor contact information (name, company, mailing address, email, and phone number)

Click HERE for an example of the internship registration form.  Click HERE for an example of the internship requirements document.

Deadlines to register your internship for academic credits for the Fall and Spring Terms are the drop/add deadlines.  Those dates TEND to be a week into the semester.  Spring 2018 is January 29, 2018; Summer IS JUNE 1, 2018; Fall 2018 is Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

For those seeking internships for future semesters, please review these Internship Steps to start your credit-bearing internship search now.  Once you turn in your request for internship form, start using Career Connection to search for internships; attend one of the Internship Info. Clinics and call ELCM so we can assist you with achieving your professional and personal goals, one of those being securing a credit-bearing internship. 

Fall 2018 Internship Registration Sessions

Interested in receiving academic credits for an internship?  You must attend a registration session! All registrations are held in BEDFORD HOUSE (across from the MU University Store). 

If you are IN the process of securing a spring internship as you have interviews lined up, CALL ELCM NOW to let us know as we need to speak with you about this process.  ELCM will do what we can to assist you with receiving academic credits for the internship. 717-871-7655 M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

PLEASE CALL EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AND CAREER MANAGMENT (ELCM) TO SCHEDULE YOUR REGISTRATION-- 717-871-7655! Call for a one-on-one registration session if the above dates and times do not work.

Need A Course To Hold A Spot For Your FALL Internship?

Why register for a random course and take a valuable seat from another student?  Allow your classmates to have access to those seats.

If you found an internship and accepted to participate in it for academic credit, call ELCM for the CRN for the placeholder course.  We need some information from you before YOU can add the placeholder course to your schedule.  717-871-7655