Susquehanna Bank Summer Nonprofit Internship Award

Susquehanna Bank Summer Nonprofit Internship Award

Colin Walsh

A day in the life of an intern…at York County Office of Emergency Management.

Let me provide you with a brief overview on what a day in the life of an intern looks like. I wake up at 7:45am every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get ready for my internship. At the start of my internship I felt very professional and mature. The fact that I was now a part of the 8:30am work commute on route 30 gave me a sense of maturity and as if I already had my life together. Dressed business casual like all the other commuters made me feel professional. I was living at my apartment in Millersville, so the commute was a half hour each way. I would arrive at the office at 9am and would find my way through the maze of hallways that lie within the walls of the building. Another aspect that gave me a real sense of maturity and professionalism is the fact that I had my own office. Not only did I just have my own office, but it was one of the only offices with windows and one of the largest. I would typically work at my computer completing small assignments that I was given by the Nuclear Planner, Shen Kreiser. The mornings typically start off slow with little work to be done, but once it reaches about 11am I am usually buried in some sort of project. I take lunch at 12pm every day, and return to my office at 12:30pm. Sometimes I will get little tours and introductions to certain parts of the building. For example, I got invited into the control room when the radio technician was setting off the Peach Bottom nuclear sirens as a bi-annual test. That was a pretty cool experience. I also attend many meetings, sometimes twice a week, sometimes none. It’s a great opportunity to meet professionals out in the field. My day typically ends at 4pm, arriving home around 4:30pm. That is what a day in the life of an intern looks like for me.

Within the emergency management department of the building, there are six full time employees. One positive skill I have noticed during my time here is their communication. I can constantly hear them discussing work-related business to ensure they don’t miss a thing. Each member knows their exact role and sticks to it. During my lunch break I go eat in the break room. There is usually only a few other people in there at a time, all from different departments. I always pack my lunch, whereas a lot of other people eat out. It definitely saves me money by packing a lunch, especially when you’re an unpaid intern. Everyone knows the typical intern duties that are portrayed in movies. Well those aren’t very accurate. You most likely won’t be getting coffee or food for the employees. They know you are here to learn more and gain relative experience. They will assign you to do assignments that they feel are necessary to help benefit you. I get asked what kinds of things I like to do and the employees will assign me tasks based off of my interests. They want to make it an enjoyable learning experience. One of the most valuable things you can do as an intern is to get out and attend meetings and meet different professionals. This will help to open up doors for you in the future.

Colin Walsh, Downingtown, PA
Multidisciplinary Studies, Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management
York County Office of Emergency Management