Susquehanna Bank Summer Nonprofit Internship Award

Katie Lyn DeLuca

My internship with the Bureau of Consumer Protection through the Attorney General grants me the opportunity to work side by side with state employees on consumer complaints. Throughout the summer, I have used researching skills, data skills, and analysis skills to help agents with investigations. I have also filed and processed consumer complaints. This internship helps me achieve my academic goals by giving me hand-on experience in the field of sociology. I have a better understanding of how state run organizations operate and what to expect if this is the path I were to choose. 

Testimonial 1:  "Today at my internship I worked on an investigation with an attorney and an agent named Jessica. I was asked to pull all of the files pertaining to the investigation and start reading them to understand what the investigation pertains to. After reading all of the complaints, I will put all of the relevant information into an Excel document."

Testimonial 2:  "I finished reading, analyzing, and organizing all of the complaints for the investigation I am working on. Now, I will create categories which I will need to put into the Excel document. Surprisingly, it is really important for me to know Excel really well for my internship. I am learning a lot about Excel and all of the features I did not know it has." 

Katie Lyn DeLuca, Stroudsburg, PA
Sociology, Criminology major
PA Attorney General - Bureau of Consumer Protection