Susquehanna Bank Summer Nonprofit Internship Award

Susquehanna Bank Summer Nonprofit Internship Award

Mark Richardson

Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency offered an opportunity to work in the areas of both meteorology and emergency management.  The internship program was run in not only a productive manner but was flexible and open to ideas for students to create their own projects.  While the summer session I participated in was the first summer that LEMA had interns at their office, the groundwork had been laid by previous Fall and Spring semester interns and some of the same ideas were used.  

We were free to pursue projects of our own creation after getting them approved or we could choose to work on one of the projects that the agency already had pending.  I eventually started working on a project suggested to me by Dave Boucher, the operations and training officer at LEMA.  After we introduced ourselves on the first day to day to each other we were asked what type of projects we had an interest in.  After hearing of my interest in severe weather events Dave suggested that that I could work on putting together an emergency operations plan (EOP) or a template for an emergency operations plan for severe weather events in Lancaster County.  Currently LEMA did not have anything in their operation plan to deal with severe weather events specifically.  This seemed like it would be a good fit for me to be able to use some of my meteorology education in conjunction with my emergency management education.

My time at LEMA of the summer has been invaluable to me.  It has given me the opportunity to work on a project that involves my education in meteorology as well as my education in emergency management.  But it also gave me the opportunity to work with other individuals in those respective fields as well.  I’m considering going back to work with LEMA again in the spring to have the opportunity to work with them again during the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant exercise.  If something could be arranged so that I could work on a project that is meteorology related and how it impacts the nuclear power plant or work on a meteorological facet of the exercise, that would be ideal.  I can’t think Dave Boucher enough for his time and effort in helping myself and the other interns with our projects the summer.

Mark Richardson, Lansdale, PA
Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency