Susquehanna Bank Summer Nonprofit Internship Award

Paola Zablah

As the Live Sound Engineer at Raiders Drum & Bungle Corps I am in charged of the live sound of the Pit of the marching band. Working with a combination of mallet instruments such as marimbas, vibraphones, as well as other stationary percussion instruments such as suspended cymbals, large bass drums, and electronics. I’ve been also helping the administrative staff plan everything from housing sites, bus companies, truck drivers, meals, and shopping trips. As well as planning the tour book, volunteer coordination, fleet management, food/ meal supervision, daily schedule planning, rehearsal and show site management and other administrative communications. I am very excited for this experience since I am already learning so much. It is amazing to put all my skills into practice, since there is no one else running sound I have to be able to do it all on my own. Even though it is nerve-racking, I believe that my past experiences have prepared me for this. I am sure that by the end of the summer I will become a better live sound engineer, I will learn more about the administrative side of a marching band, and will acquire knowledge on what touring throughout states consists about.

Paola Zablah, Escalon, El Savaldor
Music Business Technology
Radiers Drum and Bugle Corps