Skill Development

Fall 2017 Skill Development Sessions (SMC 118)

During these interactive sessions, students will learn about the eight career-readiness competencies necessary for workplace success. Participation in these workshops is required for students participating in the MU-SCORE Workforce Traineeship Program. The majority of these sessions (unless otherwise noted) are also open and available to all students interested in learning more about and refining their career-readiness skills.  

Skill Development Sessions – Common Hour, in SMC 118 (note: Oct. 17th will be at the Job & Internship Fair in SMC Marauder Courts)

Thursday, September 7 –Pre Service Orientation/Professionalism/Productivity (1 hr) 

Thursday, September 21 - Creativity/Problem Solving (1 hr)

Thursday, October 5 - Oral/Written Communications (1 hr)

Tuesday, October 17 –Career Management (1 hr)

Thursday, October 19 - Teamwork/Interpersonal (1 hr)

Thursday, November 2 - Digital Technology (1 hr)

Thursday, November 16 - Leadership (1 hr) This session is only open to traineeship students

Thursday, November 30 - Global/Intercultural Fluency (1 hr)

Thursday, December 7th - Student Celebration/Wrap Up/Lessons Learned This session is only open to traineeship students

More details about topics and outcomes for each session:

  • In the Professionalism/Productivity Workshop, students will reflect on their current experiences and assess themselves in each of the competency areas. They will write a note to self and develop 3 short-term and long-term goals to accomplish by the end of the semester.
  • During the Creativity/Problem Solving Workshop, students will learn about the importance of creativity and finding solutions to workplace issues. They will participate in a large-group simulation to develop a plan for addressing common issues that a struggling company is facing.
  • During the Oral/Written Communications session, students will develop 30-second elevator pitches in preparation for meeting employers at Millersville University’s Job and Internship Fair. Experienced Human Resources professionals will also share advice for making good professional impressions at Job Fairs and other networking events.
  • During the Teamwork/Interpersonal Workshop, students will participate in a conflict-resolution team-building activity.
  • In preparation for the Digital Technology workshop, students will conduct research on a chosen social media platform and explore how this information connects to their current experiences and future careers. Students will also have the opportunity to either create or update their LinkedIn Profile.
  • At the Leadership Workshop, students will learn more about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment and understand their preferences in how they perceive the world and make decisions. They will learn how their MBTI type affects their career exploration and preferred work tasks and environments. This session is only open to traineeship students.
  • During the Global/Intercultural Fluency workshop, students will hear more about the 3 keys to cultural competence and participate in activities to help build cultural complexity, empathy, and curiosity.
  • During the final session, students will reflect on their semester journey and revisit their assessments of their professional competencies. They will also review their notes to self and evaluate their progress towards achieving the short-term and long-term goals they identified at the beginning of the semester. This session is only open to traineeship students.