Community Organizations

Community Organization Registration

We can help you meet your needs for bright, creative and energetic students.

Step 1: Register your Non-Profit or Community Organization with MU Volunteer Central by filling out the Registration Form.

Step 2: Submit the Project Form so we can determine whether your project is suitable for a service-learning class, community service group or individual volunteer project, internship, or if there is another way for us to meet your needs.

Step3: If you are interested in having students volunteers from the MU Work Study Program, complete the Community Service-Learning Agreement and fax it to our office: 717-872-3915. Click here for information about the MU Work-Study Program.


Service-learning is when a service the students provide is directly related to the course they are taking and the professor has assigned reflections that help the student make that connection. Students may only be available for the specific time the professor requires. Relationships with faculty may result in an on-going relationship that will meet long term needs for your organization. The students will have the accountability of this being an academic experience that may be a required part of the course, in lieu of a paper or extra credit.

Community Service...

is when a student or student organization chooses to spend some of their free time helping the community. Some students may be looking for a long term experience while others may need to work on a short term or one time service project. Students seeking community service opportunities may use our database or the United Way's Volunteer Solutions website.

Work-Study students...

are those who are eligible to be paid by federal funds to either work on campus or in a community nonprofit as part of their financial aid package.


is a credit bearing experience that requires the work be related to the student's major or minor field of study and extends fifteen hours a week for the length of the semester. The student has academic requirements in addition to the work. (Please use the job description for under the Employer section of our web site.) Click the Co-op/Job Information Form to begin.