Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Master of Education Degree in Language and Literacy Education

The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education offers a master’s in language and literacy education in which students choose one of two concentrations: a literacy concentration leading to a reading specialist certification or an ESL concentration leading to ESL certification. Both concentrations are available for elementary and secondary teachers who possess an Instructional Certificate in Pennsylvania. A Master of Education in Language and Literacy Education offers the student the opportunity to participate in original research and experiential programs in this field.


The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education offers various graduate programs intended to add both depth and breadth to an educator’s level of expertise. Please click on the following links to access more information. Courses are taught by graduate faculty members from the elementary and early childhood education, education foundations, special education and psychology departments.

Master Degree Programs

Supervisory Certification Programs

Program Specialist

Post Baccalaureate Program


Master of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education

The Master of Education degree program in Early Childhood Education prepares professionals for teaching and administrative positions in child care and preschool settings, elementary schools, early intervention special education programs, and colleges. The program is based on knowledge and developmentally appropriate practices for the teaching and learning of young children (birth through eight years of age). An interdisciplinary program, it focuses on the connections of children, family, educational settings, and community so essential to a young child’s total developmental and individual diverse needs. The program addresses early childhood issues and principles using sound research practices and includes a focus on the graduate student’s individual professional needs.

Master of Education Degree in Gifted Education

The Master of Education degree in gifted education is designed to provide the specialized knowledge needed by teachers and other educational personnel who work with gifted and able students (K-12). The curriculum is appropriate for teachers whether they provide instruction in special programs for the gifted or teach in inclusive settings. The M. Ed. Degree in gifted education does not confer teacher certification. The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education is responsible for the gifted education program although the program itself is multi-disciplinary.

Certification Program in Supervision of Elementary Education

A post-master’s program in educational supervision is offered for the experienced educator in the area of elementary education. The supervisory certification program prepares experienced school personnel to assume leadership roles in an educational setting. This program, offered on a post-master’s level, complies with the Commonwealth’s certification mandate for educational supervisors and meets Supervisory I Certification requirements.

Certification Program in Supervision of Reading & Language Arts

To qualify for admission to the Reading Supervisor Certificate program, a candidate must have a master’s degree, a reading specialist certification, and five years of satisfactory teaching experience with primary responsibility for teaching reading.

Program Specialist—ESL Certification Program

A program in English as a Second Language (ESL) is offered at the graduate level. The certification program complies with The Commonwealth’s certification mandate for support for the English Language Learner in the classroom. Students earning a certificate in ESL must complete:

  • EDUC 561: Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Programs, and Assessment
  • EDUC 562: Methods for Teaching English Language Learners
  • EDUC 563: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
  • EDUC 564: Assessment, Policies & Practices in Teaching English Language Learners
  • EDUC 565: Language & Literacy Interventions: Clinical Practicum

Instructional I Certification

Instructional I Certification is required for entry into a teaching position in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania schools. Applicants interested in earning teacher certification whether in addition to certification obtained through an undergraduate teacher education program, or as a supplement to a liberal arts baccalaureate program, should contact the Certification Office.


In addition to the courses offered toward a degree, the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education offers a series of practical and activity-oriented workshops providing new ideas that can immediately be used in the classroom. These workshops are graded on a pass/fail basis. Under no circumstances may these workshops be included for credit in a master’s degree program at Millersville University.