Soong Yin

Yin S. Soong

Yin S. Soong

Emeritus Professor of Oceanography

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Phone: 717-872-2432

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Dr. Soong has a PhD in Physical Oceanography from Florida State University. His research includes analysis of Topex/Poseidon altimeter data to study ocean circulations. He has written a tutorial book on learning the Interactive Data Language. Dr. Soong retired in 2007.


Dr. Soong attended the Florida State University (FSU) to study physical oceanography after receiving a B.S.E in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University.  He introduced a satellite remote sensing course in 1982 at Millersville and obtained a National Science Foundation grant to establish a multi-disciplinary remote sensing laboratory in 1996. Dr. Soong's most recent interests are:

  1. Data visualization with Interactive Data Language (
  2. the use of a rotating table in teaching oceanography courses and research in geophysical fluid dynamics.

ESCI 386- Earth System Data Visualization and Modeling
ESCI 364 - Physical Oceanography
ESCI 261 - Introduction to Oceanography
ESCI 380 - Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
ESCI 381 - Computer Applications in Earth Sciences
ESCI 104 - The World Ocean
ESCI 267 - Field Methods in Oceanography (at Wallops Island, VA)

  • Ho, C. R., Kuo, N.J, Soong, Yin S. "Dynamically Active Areas in the South China Sea Detected from TOPEX/POSEIDON Satellite Altimeter Data", Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol. 71 No. 3, Mar. 2000