Checking Your Financial Aid

Instructions for MAX

The following information gives a detailed look at how to view information related to financial aid by using MAX. Once you log into your MAX account, use the following steps for your financial aid information.

Select “Financial Aid”

My Overall Status of Financial Aid

  • Select the academic year
  • You can check your Unsatisfied Student Requirements, Outside Resources, Academic Progress Status, and Financial Aid History.

My Eligibility

  • You can check the Document Requirements or Holds on your account, as well as messages related to each of those requirements. There may be links to forms you can complete online or other forms you can download and return.
  • You can link to view your Academic Transcript.
  • You can check your Academic Progress Status and the history of your Academic Progress.

My Awards

  • You can view your financial aid awards by academic year.
  • You can view your financial aid award history – it will list all types of financial aid you have received at Millersville University (no history is available prior to the 1999-2000 academic year)
  • You can view your Loan Application History – any loans you have that have been processed through our office.
  • You can view your Semester Bill – a detailed summary of all credits (after they have paid to your account) and charges by semester.

E-Mail MU Office of Financial Aid

  • This allows you to send an email to the Office of Financial Aid. We ask the following if you are sending us an email:
    • When corresponding via email, please provide your MU Student ID number. We often cannot respond to you without checking your account. (You may provide your Social Security Number instead, but we strongly recommend that you use your MU number for security reasons.) If you have questions or issues which are complicated and/or lengthy, please call our office at 717-871-5100 instead of emailing us.

Adjustments To Your Financial Aid

A student’s financial aid award package is done based on information at the time of processing.

It is possible changes to a student’s awards may be made during the academic year. This can happen for several reasons. Some examples include:

  • Additional financial aid was received (such as scholarships or grants)
  • Changes were made to the student’s FAFSA which caused an adjustment in eligibility
  • A re-evaluation was done based on special circumstances, causing an adjustment in eligibility
  • Student’s enrollment status changed
  • Student’s living status changed (off-campus, dorm, with parents)
  • Student withdrew from the university
  • Student reached the maximum amount of aid available

For more details about changes to your financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 717-871-5100.