Career Advice

Advice about a Career in Forensic Science

The Forensic Science Guidance Committee provides the following examples of professional positions in the field of forensic science.

Specific Job Information

Students at Millersville University interested in pursuing a career in forensic science are encouraged to seek out faculty to assist them in their curricular development while the committee continues to investigate the possibility of an official interdisciplinary minor or program. Faculty input is critical to the identification of skills and experience which will be necessary for future practicing forensic scientists. The curriculum options among the various departments provide sufficient flexibility to allow students to focus on one or more areas of interest.

Much of the committee's assistance will depend on the specific area of interest within the field of forensic science. For example, Dr. Dale Nute, a forensic scientist at Florida State University, (, has grouped career opportunities for individuals with either an undergraduate or advanced degree into 6 general areas (of the eleven disciplines listed undert the auspices of the American Academy of Forensic Science.

We suggest that interested individuals examine descriptions provided by Dr. Nute at his web site.

Additional job possibilities accompanied by brief occupational descriptions are provided here as well. This list is not all-inclusive; rather it provides a framework with which to focus academic goals (click on desired career):

  Degree(s) Needed
Medical Examiner/Forensic Odontologist Undergraduate and Medical Degrees
Crime Laboratory Analyst Chemistry / Biology
Crime Scene Examiner Archaeology / Psychology / Criminology / Biology
Forensic Engineer Engineering
Psychological Profiler/Social Science/Statistics Technical Assistance Psychology / Sociology / Criminology
Forensic Nursing (FN) Undergraduate and possibly Masters in FN
Medico-legal Death Investigator Biology Undergraduate possibly Masters *
Expert Witness Consultant Undergraduate, board certification, Advanced Degree

At the AAFS website individuals may consult the employment listings for openings in forensic science throughout the United States.

* If you are interested in a graduate degree in forensic science, the MU Forensic Science Guidance Committee contacting the Philadelphia College of Medicine (PCOM) (800-999-6998) or online. This program is physically located near Lancaster County and is unique in its flexibility and curriculum foundation. However, there are a number of other degree options available at sites maintained at or by the AAFS.

Additional information on forensic science careers is at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences webpage. Check it out - they are the principal forensic science organization in the United States.