Faculty Senate

About us

Faculty Senate is the representative body of the faculty that recommends policies and programs in academic and student affairs and curriculum. Faculty Senate is a body established by the faculty and with the consent of APSCUF-MU fulfills the requirement for a Curriculum Committee as specified in the CBA.


The Faculty Senate is a representative body of the faculty. Each department elects one member to the Faculty Senate. The Council of Interdisciplinary Directors elects a Faculty Senator(s) from faculty teaching within the programs. One senator shall be elected for every five programs, with a minimum of one elected senator representing the interdisciplinary programs at all times (e.g., 10-14 programs = 2 senators, 15-19 programs = 3 senators).


The Faculty Senate reflects the professional judgment of the faculty and recommends policy in writing to the University President in such areas as curriculum, admissions and standards practices, educational programs, University organization, advisement and counseling, student affairs and matters of similar import.

The Faculty Senate keeps the faculty informed of its deliberations and recommendations.

The Senate may refer appropriate issues to the faculty for action through the President of APSCUF-MU.

A senator primarily represents a department or the Council of Interdisciplinary Directors, but acts on behalf of the entire faculty.

When a department or the Council of Interdisciplinary Directors instructs its senator to present an item to the Faculty Senate he/she shall do so; but the senator has the right to use independent judgment in voting.

Contact Us

Faculty Senate Officers:

Chairperson: Kathleen Walsh, Tel: 871-4896, E-mail: Kat.Walsh@millersville.edu

Chairperson Pro Tempore: Shaun Cook, Tel: 871-7270, E-mail: Shaun.Cook@millersville.edu

Secretary: Aimee Miller, Tel: 871-7414, E-mail: Aimee.Miller@millersville.edu

Parliamentarian: Shaun Cook, Tel: 871-7270, E-mail: Shaun.Cook@millersville.edu

Meeting Schedule

Senate meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month during the academic year.

Meetings are held in Osburn Hall, Room 200/201 from 4:00pm to 5:45pm.

Summer meeting to be announced.