Admissions, Advisement & Student Affairs Committee



  1. The committee reviews those matters which pertain to admissions policies, faculty advisement of students, and non-curricular student affairs.

  2. It recommends general policy and practices in any of the following areas: enrollment planning, student development, student admissions, faculty advisement, off-campus life, student activities, safety and security and other such areas as may be designated as admissions, advisement, and student affairs issues.

  3. It also collects data for the periodic evaluation of the admissions and advisement process at MU. The evaluation process will survey faculty and students annually and in conjunction with such data the committee collects from other similar institutions on their admissions and advisement policies.

  4. Policies recommended concerning program improvements and strategic planning are subject to review by Faculty and Student Senates.

  5. The committee is primarily involved in recommendations of new policies when warranted. It is not involved in evaluation of individual faculty or students and will serve as advisory members to the administration only.

  6. The chair or designee wil lserve as an ex-officio member of the administrative bodies overseeing admissions, advisement and student affairs and will represent the Faculty Senate on any standing or ad hoc policy creation or review committees of the administration.


Current Committee Members


  1. Seven faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate for overlapping three-year terms.

  2. Two student representatives and two alternates, elected by Student Senate each fall for a two-year term.

  3. The Director of Admissions, the Registrar, and the Director of Academic Advisement, as ex officio non-voting members. Members of the offices of the Provost, Financial Aid, and Student Affairs may also serve as ex-officio non-voting members on a pro tem basis.

  4. No faculty member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

  5. The terms of the chair and faculty members begin in September and end in August of the appropriate year.

Other Documents

Minutes/Annual Reports

Approved Proposals