Committee on Cooperative Education/Internship Programs



  1. The committee reviews curricular implications of the cooperative education/internship programs and submits any recommendations for change to the Faculty Senate.

  2. The committee recommends general policy and procedures in the cooperative education/internship programs and recommends any changes to the Faculty Senate.


Current Chairperson


  1. The co-op coordinators from each department with ongoing coop or internship programs.

  2. The Director of Career Services or designee serves as an ex officio non-voting member.

  3. Two students from two different departments with co-op experiences, appointed by the chairperson of the co-op committee in consultation with the Director of Career Services or designee.

  4. The chairperson is a faculty senator elected by the Faculty Senate at the first Senate meeting of the fall semester for a three-year term provided he/she retains Senate membership.

  5. The terms of the chair and members begin in September and end in August of the appropriate year.

Other Documents

Minutes/Annual Reports

Approved Proposals