University Honors College Committee



  1. The director, in consultation with the chairpersons of the cooperating departments and the Honors College Committee, recruits faculty members and selects courses to be included in the program.

  2. Departments may offer experimental honors courses on a one-time only basis with departmental designation. One such course may be offered annually by a department in addition to the normal restriction on experimental course offerings. Such courses shall be approved by the department, the University Honors College Committee, and the appropriate school curriculum committees for inclusion in the proper block on the front side of the Curriculum Record Form.

  3. Courses to be made a permanent part of the Program shall be approved by the appropriate department(s), the University Honors College Committee, the curriculum committee(s) of the appropriate school(s), the Course and Program Review Committee and Faculty Senate.

  4. Recommendations for change in academic policy matters pertaining to the Honors College must be approved by the Honors College Committee and submitted to Faculty Senate for approval.

  5. In addition to regular reports to Faculty Senate by the chairperson of the Committee, the director reports to the Faculty Senate at its request or when deemed necessary by the Honors College Committee.


Current Committee Members


  1. Two members are elected by and from each academic unit for overlapping terms of three years. The dean of the appropriate unit conducts the election during the spring semester. In addition, a chairperson is elected by and from the Faculty Senate membership at the first Senate meeting of the spring semester for a three-year term provided he/she retains Senate membership.

  2. One member is elected by and from the non-school faculty for a three-year term. The provost or designee conducts the election during the spring semester.

  3. Two students serve overlapping two-year terms on the committee:

    1. One member is elected by the Student Senate during the spring semester.

    2. One member is elected by and from the University Honors College participants, this election being conducted by the program director during the spring semester.

  4. No two members may be elected from the same department, which limitation does not apply to the chairperson of the Committee.

  5. All elected members' terms begin in September and end in August. No elected or appointed member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.

  6. A program director is appointed as follows: The University Honors College Committee solicits and receives nominations for the position of the Director of the University Honors College. They review the applications and recommend one or more candidates for the President's or designee's consideration. The President or designee appoints the director from the recommended candidates.

  7. The Director of the Honors College and the provost or designee are non-voting ex officio members of the Committee.

Other Documents

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