Joint Senate Conference Committee


In areas where legitimate concern may rest with both the Student and Faculty Senates or where areas of responsibilities are not clear, such issues shall be submitted to a Joint Senate Conference Committee.


  1. Either Senate may submit items to the other Senate through this committee or by means of this committee seek compromise recommendations where a difference exists between student and faculty concerns.

  2. This committee has the responsibility of preparing recommendations for the consideration of either or both Senates on matters which, in its judgment, are the responsibility of either Senate or the concern of both Senates.

  3. This committee may place items on the agenda of either Senate on behalf of the other or on its own prerogatives.

  4. This committee may designate a student spokesperson to present student concerns to the Faculty Senate or a faculty spokesperson to present faculty concerns to the Student Senate. Such spokespersons have the privilege of debate on the issue involved but do not have a vote.

  5. This committee performs any or all of the stated functions only on the basis of a majority vote of the committee and may not function in areas which are the specific and exclusive responsibility of either Senate.

  6. This committee reports directly to the Student Senate and the Faculty Senate.

  7. A minority report may be submitted to the Student Senate and the Faculty Senate.


Current Committee Members


  1. The Joint Senate Conference Committee is composed of three members of the Student Senate, three members elected by and from the Faculty Senate, and the chairperson pro tempore of the Faculty Senate who shall serve as chairperson without the privilege of voting. The terms of membership are one year.

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