Liberal Arts at MU

What is a Liberal Arts Education in the 21st Century?

Gen. Eds.

In higher education, the term “liberal” refers to an opening of the mind and expansion of knowledge.  It allows students to be exposed to different people, cultures, ideas, and disciplines in a safe environment.  It helps students begin to transition from giving “the one right answer” typically required on a high school test to seeing a topic through many different lenses and understanding there could be multiple answers or solutions, not just one correct answer, to any given question, problem, or issue.  So in this context, a liberal arts education prepares students to think outside of the box, to read between the lines, and to ask the questions that others might not think to ask.  In this way, students develop critical thinking skills and learn to creatively solve problems – two attributes that are in high demand by employers today.  Because of the emphasis on cultural diversity and technology built into many courses at Millersville University, our students are poised to contribute as members of the global community.  Generalized education lays the foundation for specialized knowledge and enables students to develop life-long learning skills; this begins from day one in UNIV 103.

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