Geo-Graphics Lab

Geo-Graphics Laboratory, McComsey 212

Gegraphics Lab

Geographics Laboratory has 15 PCs linked on a local area network, three digitizers, an HP Design Jet printer and an HP plotter. GIS and image analysis software include ArcGIS, Arc View and IDRISI Kilimanjaro.

The laboratory is used as the teaching classroom for Geography 292 (Quantitative Methods), Geography 295 (GIS), Geography 384 (Cartography), and a number of experimental courses including Advanced GIS and GIS and Remote Sensing. Professors also send students to the lab to complete exercises for other courses.

Laboratory-based research

The laboratory is used to support research projects of individual faculty as well as contract research. Contract research projects provide revenue to the laboratory account which is used to upgrade equipment and software.

Map Room/Library Repository

Adjacent to the GeoGraphics Laboratory is the Map Room (McComsey 216). The map room is the University's offical map library and federal repository for USGS topographic maps. The map room contains a wide variety of paper and wall maps.