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Two pivotal experiences

Donor Profile: William Dinges '65 and Dr. Maureen McGarvey Dinges

William Dinges and Dr. Maureen McGarvey Dinges

Relationship to Millersville

William Dinges is a Millersville alumus from the class of 1965.

Type of Gift 
Endowed scholarship for a military veteran.

Why did you choose to make a gift to Millersville University? 

I was asked in 2010 if my wife and I would consider a donation to the MU Foundation. We then began to discuss the possibility of a scholarship. I reviewed the list of scholarships on the MU website and noted that there were no scholarships earmarked specifically for veterans. It was at that time that we decided on an endowed scholarship for a military veteran. As a Viet Nam veteran, it was important to me that an academically successful veteran be recognized. My wife, a college professor and medical consultant, was very supportive and suggested the parameters regarding the classification and grade point average of the recipient.

Please reflect on your experiences at Millersville? 

I had a lot of interesting classes with challenging professors. It was a great learning experience, frequently wasted on my youth and immaturity, I should add. The older I’ve gotten, however, the more I realize the great value of my MU education. I also recall fondly dart and pinochle games in the “Rat”, meeting good friends and just “hanging out.” 

How are students able to benefit from your gift today? 

If this one scholarship helps one veteran complete his or her college degree, my goal is accomplished. I also think it’s a great way to honor veterans and recognize this special and often forgotten group. I understand that a lot of MU students are the first in their families to attend college. Many are married with small children. Frequently, both parents are veterans and attending college at the same time. Consequently, I believe they need any and all financial assistance afforded them. I can only imagine the multitude of struggles they endure, as I was fortunate enough to complete my undergraduate degree before enlisting in the service and was married when I later attended law school. 

What motivates you to give?  

Giving becomes a habit. With a scholarship, we know exactly where the money is going and there’s no disbursement of funds to other accounts or services. 

How did you decide a gift to benefit a veteran from Pa was right for you?

I consider MU and military service two pivotal experiences in my life. They contributed significantly to my development, maturity and focus both personally and professionally.  For me, the scholarship is a great way to recognize the two events and, more importantly, to honor those college veterans who follow. I would hope that other MU alumni who are veterans would consider this option.