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Bump, Set, Sponsor: Helping Women's Volleyball

PSECU Corporate SponsorshipType of Gift:
A Scholarship for women's volleyball

Why did you choose to make a gift to Millersville University? 

We both have previously donated monies to specific programs/activities at MU and now wanted to establish a scholarship for a specific purpose as we have done for WIXQ scholarship.

Please share highlights of your experience at Millersville? 

Judy Anttonen has been a mentor at Millersville University, the scoreboard operator for both volleyball and men's basketball, a volunteer dj at WIXQ, the University's student-run radio station as well as a frequent user of MU's two swimming pools! Ralph Anttonen "Doc Rock" has been with Millersville since 1971 having retired in 2013. He continues to mentor students, work with APSCUF organization as Vice President, and chronicle the history of WIXQ and APSCUF at MU. He also is the announcer at both the volleyball and basketball games and a volunteer dj at WIXQ.

How are students able to benefit from your gift?

Athletes at Millersville University very often have financial needs not covered by any scholarships. They must give of their time to play their sport at MU and it is one more incentive to make sure that they are successful not only in the sport but in the classroom.