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Gloriany Rivas - Recipient of the African American/Latino Alumni Scholarship

What does receiving the African American/Latino Alumni Scholarship mean to you?

Gloriany Rival - Recipient of the African American/Latino Alumni ScholarshipIt means a great deal to me because growing up, I fought with the stereotypes that haunt many city kids; one of them being that I would most likely be a teenage mother. Luckily, I found many support systems that encouraged me to attend college. It feels amazing when others see the potential in you and decide to believe in your capabilities. It is an honor to be acknowledged for my hard work, not only as a member of the Millersville student body, but as a member of the Hispanic community. I am very grateful and blessed to have received this scholarship. 

How do you plan to make the world a better place after you graduate?

I plan to make the world a better place by attending medical school and becoming a physician. I have experienced firsthand people I care about avoiding doctor visits because of a language barrier. This has always been disheartening because I feel that the quality of lives of many Hispanics has suffered because of the communication gap. Therefore, combining a degree in international studies with a M.D., as well as my experiences as a Puerto-Rican female, will allow me to treat and sympathize with people from all walks of life. My goal is to become an OBGYN and take my skills to communities with underprivileged women, so that I can help them develop better prenatal and overall health. 

What is the best part about volunteering at the Women’s and Babies hospital?

The best part about volunteering is getting a taste of what your life will be like as a doctor. It makes me excited about the future and becoming a doctor. Also, when parents return to thank the doctors and nurses for their work, you experience how rewarding it is to change a baby’s life for the better. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of your major?

The most rewarding part is meeting individuals from other countries. Hearing their stories and experiences really help me gain a perspective of how life is in other parts of the world. My freshman year, I became really good friends with a South Korean international student. It’s amazing to share a bond to this day with someone that lives across the ocean. 

What are you looking forward to most in your career?

I’m looking forward to saving lives. That has been my dream since I decided I wanted to become a doctor. I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to change lives. 

What is the most monumental thing you’ve learned during your time at Millersville?

The most monumental thing I’ve learned while being at Millersville is that everyone has his or her own story, whether it is a valued one or not. I realized this while reading the book Enrique’s Journey and attending the symposium. My major has opened my mind up to so many different new concepts. I am a better well-rounded person because of it. 

How has the experience of traveling to ten different countries impacted your life?

Traveling helped me decide my career path. When traveling to other countries most of the time, you are shown the nice things about them; but when you stop and think about the problems that citizens of that country face, you reflect about all the simple things in life and how your contribution can help better the lives of others. Traveling made me fall in love with culture and made me aware of the necessity of humans all over the world. It has impacted me in such a way that I am motivated to leave a healthy fingerprint in the world. 

How has Millersville helped you to succeed? 

Millersville has allowed me to succeed by providing me with all the resources needed to prosper. I have intelligent, caring and encouraging professors who have motivated and supported me in my endeavors. Not only have I found emotional support, but I have received financial aid as well. The many opportunities that Millersville has to offer have helped me flourish into the student that I am today, and for that I am very thankful.