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Leaving a legacy

Jan & Alisa Graybill - Leaving a LegacyDonor Profile: Jan & Alisa Graybill - Class of 1980

Relationship to Millersville:

Jan and his wife Alisa are both Millersville alumni from the Class of 1980.

Type of Gift:

Bequest, supplemented by annual gifts

Why did you choose to make a gift to Millersville University?

MU's education value for the cost was great when we were students in the late 1970's and with successive administrations the leadership has only gotten better over the years.  They have made consistently good decisions around curriculum, faculty, and infrastructure.

Share some highlights of your experience as a student at Millersville. 

Spring Fling was always the highlight of the school year, especially when it was around the Lake.  We can never forget the Tug-of-War held in front of the President's house over the water. 

You seem young to be estate planning.  What made you choose this type of gift? 

Everyone leaves a Legacy, some plan for that Legacy while others do not.  I'm a planner and believe that education is important in general, and more specifically that an affordable education is a requirement.   Millersville is where I received my business degree, and met my wife.   I feel a debt of gratitude for what I've received from my Millersville experience.  Now our Millersville experience can live on through the Legacy we provide to future students.  

How are students able to benefit from your gift today?

Making annual gifts to the school today allows us to connect our past to the present and the future.  Students always can use a little help, and more so today and in the future.  As college costs have risen, around 2/3 of all college graduates leave school with a debt.  Our contributions help eligible students with tuition assistance through our scholarship fund.  Another reality is the reducing state education subsidy.  Many Pennsylvanians believe the State System of Higher Education supports a majority of the tuition costs for a PA resident, but in reality it is only a small minority and it is declining every year.    

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