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Edward L. ‘64 and Kathy H. ‘69 Schoenberger Scholarship

Ed and Kathy SchoenbergerDonor Profile: Ed and Kathy Schoenberger

Type of Gift

Endowed scholarship: Edward L. ‘64 and Kathy H. ‘69 Schoenberger Scholarship

What is your relationship to Millersville University?

We are graduates with both bachelor and master degrees after transferring as a junior to MU in the summer of 1962. Ed attended MU almost every semester until he earned a second PA certification in 1977. After retiring, Ed became a full time undergraduate student in the fall semester of 1999-2000.

Why did you choose to create the Edward L. ‘64 and Kathy H. ‘69 Schoenberger Scholarship?

Through small scholarships and work we were able to fund our education. Today’s cost of college can be a burden for families. Students may be unable to earn enough to meet their college expenses. Our endowment was created to provide financial relief for local students. Students should benefit for decades.

Please share highlights of your time here as students.

As commuting students we enjoyed time at the “Rat” with friends. We found most professors interesting, interested and engaging. Ed found Dr. Caleb Bucher to be an exceptional gentleman and teacher. My good friend who also went to Millersville, Tom Beck and I continue to attend Millersville football and basketball games.

How does it feel to be able to give back to your alma mater?

We are pleased to use our resources wisely, happy to help others, and excited with the potential results of the endowment. For us as teachers, it is a “goose bump” experience.

Student Profile: Brad Auker

My major: Secondary History Education
Grad Year: 2017

How will you benefit from receiving the Schoenberger scholarship?

The Mr.Edward and Mrs.Kathy Schoenberger scholarship will help be achieve my financial goal of graduating college with little to no debt. Their generous gift will make it possible for me to have a successful future as a high school history teacher without the worry of college dues. I will eventually be able to achieve a financial position in the future where I to will be able to contribute to students financial standing.

Why did you choose to attend Millersville?

Millersville is a college well known for creating excellent educators. As a history education major entering into a difficult job market, I wanted to have the best possible chances in finding a job and being a great teacher! I was also able to commute to Millersville and attend at a fair price with generous scholarships.

What do you hope to do after college?

I plan to immediately find a job as a history teacher at a local high school as soon as I graduate. During my summers I would like to go on many hiking trips and possibly start a small business. I also would like to help out in the local community with several ministries and possibly take some trips abroad to Germany and other locations.

What do you like the most about Millersville?

I like the small town atmosphere with a larger college feel. I have also grown to appreciate the friendly staff and scholarly learning environment.