Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Global Education offers a variety of services and resources for faculty and staff on campus in order to internationalize the teaching experience at Millersville.   

Attending Workshops: Every semester Global Education will provide workshops on various topics. Some example are: how to lead a short term study abroad course, how to internationalize your curriculum, and how to engage international students.

Serving on a Committee:  The Global Education Advisory Board

Mentoring Students: Global Education is looking for faculty and staff who are interested being a mentor to international students on campus.

Global Initiatives Database

Millersville University is deeply committed to internationalizing its campus and providing support to its international students.  Global Education is seeking your help in creating a database of faculty, staff, and community members willing to support global initiatives.  This confidential inventory of members with international interests and expertise would result in improving the overall campus climate by creating an environment that is welcoming and supportive of a more comprehensive range of cultural and international perspectives.  A link to a Google survey is provided below.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Global Initiatives Database Survey