Sponsored Student Programs

Sponsored Student Programs

China Initiatives

CHEPD 1+2+1 Program

The Sino-American Cooperation on Higher Education and Professional Development (CHEPD 1+2+1 Program) is operating under the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE). Students in this program complete two degrees, one from their home university in China, and one from Millersville University. Undergraduate students through CHEPD 1+2+1 are here for 2-2.5 years, and graduate students for 1-1.5 years. If students do not meet the English proficiency requirements for full admission status, they attend the English Language Institute before they enroll in regular college level courses.

In 2016, Millersville University welcomed our first cohort of Chinese undergraduate and graduate students through 1+2+1 Program.


YES Program

The YES program is for non-degree seeking Chinese students to study in the US for one semester or one year. If students do not meet the English proficiency requirements for academic readiness, they are eligible to study at the English Language Institute before they enroll in regular college level courses.  After one semester or one year of study, students will be able to transfer their US credits back to their Chinese universities.

Student Testimonials

"I took a class, Technical Entrepreneurship, in my first semester. It was an amazing class. In class, we built a company named MU Pen Works and sold a product, a pen named EVO Signature, made by the students. Everything in this company was the same as a real company. We had a president, union management, marketing management, engineering management, etc. I was an advertisement manager, and I made a Facebook page and a poster to advertise the pen. In the end, I earned 20 dollars because we sold out. Students liked them! It was really interesting, because learning based on a real company is much better than a text book." - Jiaqi Zheng, Technology & Innovation

"I have a very nice roommate, we celebrated Chinese New Year and we skateboarded, I even had dinner with his parents in Baltimore. I think the people in Lancaster are very kind and our campus is very safe, I like it here so far." - Xiaotian Wang, Art & Design

"I met an American friend in my organic chemistry lab. We have a great relationship; we often go to the gym together. He even asked me to teach him Chinese. One interesting thing here is that once I was heading to the dorm from the gym and my key and student ID fell, I didn't know this and I just kept walking. Right then, some students saw it and yelled to me. But I was wearing headphones, I did not hear it. One of these student ran to me and gave me my stuff. I was so thankful. I love people here and I love America." - Weihao Ma, Chemistry

Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission

Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM), implements Saudi national educational and training policies to provide Saudi Arabia with qualified individuals capable of achieving the country's goals of progress and development. SACM strives to provide students with the best possible educational opportunities at the best educational institutions in the U.S.A. SACM supports students academically and financially so that they may concentrate on achieving their academic goals. SACM also collects and disseminates information that reflects Saudi culture, tradition, and heritage through active participation in academic, cultural, and social activities.