ELI Courses

ELI Courses

ELI Courses

Millersville University’s English Language Institute (ELI) offers high-quality, ESL instruction for its students that prepares them to be successful in college-level academic courses and, ultimately, in their career path. ELI students will take courses that improve their four main English proficiencies – listening, speaking, reading and writing – all in a dynamic learning environment. 

Placement and Levels

During ELI student orientation prior to the start of the term, all new students must take an English language placement test. The ELI currently uses the Pearson’s Versant English Placement Test to determine student English level. The test will assess a student’s spoken and written language ability. Students will be placed within level 1 through 6 according to their placement test results. For more information regarding specific details of each ELI level, review ELI’s Student Learning Outcomes. 

Required Courses

The ELI offers four core focus areas per level, which are:

  • Core A – Academic Reading and Vocabulary Building
  • Core B – Academic Writing
  • Core C – Grammar
  • Core D – Listening and Speaking

Through completion of these courses at each level, students will:

  • Develop the skills needed to be successful readers of academic material with increased fluency and understanding.
  • Compose grammatically correct and effective sentences in oral and written communication.
  • Improve understanding of grammar and language functions.
  • Develop the listening and speaking skills needed to be successful in the academic classroom and other diverse situations.

For core course description by level, please review our course descriptions. To see a complete and detailed list of what ELI students learn, review ELI’s Student Learning Outcomes. 

Elective Courses

In addition to core courses, the ELI offers specialized classes that students can choose based on interest. Possible elective courses include: American Literature, American Movies, Current Events, Pop Culture, Service Learning, Test Preparation, Creative Writing, Dramatic Speaking, Business Communication, Admissions 101 and much more. For elective course description, review our course descriptions. Elective courses may be chosen based on availability; not every course is offered in all semesters and at all levels.

Language Lab

The ELI’s Language Lab provides opportunities for students to practice a variety of language skills, such as grammar, listening, punctuation, reading, writing and vocabulary, in simulated and real-life contexts. Software and materials used are customized to the learner’s need. The guided practice during language lab hours are supervised by ELI staff or teachers.