Application Process for U.S. Teacher Training Seminar Credit for Courses in Germany

Teacher Training Seminars in Germany

Applications should only be submitted once coursework has been completed at the Goethe-Institut in Germany. Please allow 6-8 weeks for application processing.

Step 1. Complete the Goethe-Millersville Teacher Training Course Credit Application online. (Please note that a Millersville transcript will only be sent to those individuals/addresses designated on the application.)

Step 2. After completing the application, you will be taken to the payment processing section. Payment will be received through Millersville University's ticket purchasing site. Therefore, it will appear as though you are purchasing a ticket for an event.

Follow these instructions to guide you through the payment process:

1. You must first select the quantity of credits you are requesting to be awarded by selecting "buy tickets" next to the appropriate number.

2. You will then be taken to a screen where you will select the number of "seats," or quantity of credits. Because you have already selected the quantity of credit, the number next to "select seats" should read "1". Click "Add Seats To Cart" to move to the next page.

3. The next page is a summary of your "order". Verify that the quantity of credits and the cost (which will include the fees) are accurate.

4. Select "check out".

5. You will then need to create a new account, including login information, which will require you to provide your email address and a password. Once you have done this, select "create new account".

6. Fill in the required fields under "new account" and select "continue".

7. You will then be taken to the payment page which will require you to securely enter your credit card information.

8. The Office of Global Education will be notified of your application and payment submission. Once this confirmation is received, we will initiate the credit acknowledgement process (see Step 3 of application process).

Step 3. The completed application will be forwarded by Millersville University to the Goethe-Institut in Germany for a transcript to be issued.

Step 4. The Goethe-Institut will submit the completed transcript directly to Millersville University for processing, following the receipt of your scores.

Costs for Teacher Training Seminar Credit

Payment must be submitted online with completed application.

Payment must be made by credit card as part of the application process.

Millersville University is unable to complete any financial aid paperwork/ consortium agreements for students seeking credit through the Millersville University/Goethe-Institut Credit Acknowledgement Program.


  • 1 credit = $270.00 US
  • 3 credits = $430.00 US 
  • 6 credits = $670.00 US
  • 9 credits = $910.00 US
  • 12 credits = $1150.00 US


  • Internet Fee = $2.00 US/ per 3 credit class
  • Processing Fee = $6.00 US/per application

Conditions for Academic Credit

  1. The completed Goethe-Millersville Course Credit Application form must be submitted to Millersville University no later than 6 months following the completion of the Goethe-Institut program.
  2. Participating students seeking to challenge any aspect of their final grades must address this matter directly with the Goethe-Institut.
  3. A non-Millersville University student's home institution/school district will not automatically be notified of credit and grades earned through Millersville. Students who wish to have copies of their official transcripts sent to their home institutions/school district must designate so on the Goethe-Millersville Course Credit Application form.
  4. Once Millersville University has transcripted the academic credit, the transcript record cannot be rescinded.
  5. The application fee is nonrefundable under any circumstances.

Course Equivalencies

Goethe-Institut Course Length of Program Millersville University Equivalent Credit Award
Landeskunde Seminar (Area Studies) 1 Week German 589: Current Topics 1
Landeskunde Seminar (Area Studies) 2-3 Weeks German 589: Current Topics 3
Landeskunde + Methodik und Didaktik Seminars (Area Studies plus Method) 1 Week German 575: Workshop 1
Landeskunde + Methodik und Didaktik Seminars (Area Studies plus Method) 2-3 Weeks German 575: Workshop 3

Grading Policy

These seminars are offered by the Goethe-Institut on a pass-no pass (fail) basis only and are therefore offered by Millersville University on a pass-no pass (fail) basis only.

Millersville University students are eligible for this program. However any Goethe-Institut course taken under this credit acknowledgement program by a Millersville University student will not be accepted for Millersville University degree credit.

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