Useful Links

Useful Links


For airline phone numbers and Web sites:

Discounted airfare for students:


For information on most of U.S. and global airports:

For a list of airport codes, for seeking fares from online agencies:


See the leading map site for zoomable maps, turn-by-turn directions, aerial photos, and more:

Or see:


For a printable, pocket-size chart converting dollars into any currency:

Universal Currency Converter (simplest online currency converter):

For basic conversions and historical information:

For Visa Card ATM Locations:

For MasterCard and Cirrus ATM Locations:

Passports and Visas

For passport advice:

For information on what do if you lost your passport while abroad and how to prevent it:

To see foreign countries' visa requirements, etc:

Safety and Political Warnings

For U.S. State Department travel warnings (urgent notices), public announcements (milder heads-ups) and consular information sheets (broad intelligence and travel reports):

Time and Date

Find the date and time of many major cities around the around:


Translate whole websites or just blocks of text:


The U.S. Department of State Student Travel Abroad Website

For more information regarding airline safety and flight regulations:

For more information about student flights, the International Student Identification Cards and travel products:

For a company that offers great student flight rates:

For another company that offers great student flight rates:

For more information on European rail passes:

Check this before you leave so you know what you can bring home:

Traveler Health

For good, country-specific reports, plus information on traveler diseases and treatments:

Also worth consulting: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


Work Abroad

To find opportunities: