Marauders Abroad

Marauders Abroad

***This information is ONLY for students who have already applied to study abroad and have been accepted***

CONGRATULATIONS on your study abroad acceptance!

Now that you've officially been accepted, this webpage will be your hub for all of the information you will need to know for each phase of your upcoming study abroad experience.

Follow the links under the "Marauders Abroad" tab to the left for specific information that you should know before, during, and after you study abroad.

Be sure to check out the webpage Pre-Departure, as the "Mark Your Calendars" section has important information and dates that you must know about before embarking on your new adventure.

The While Abroad section provides helpful guidance, reminders, and information that you need while you are abroad.

The Welcome Back section is for returned students and describes programs and opportunities to channel your new love for travel/study abroad.  This includes information for your immediate return and some things to think about for the future regarding your international experience.  There are also resources listed to put your study abroad to work for you; how to include your experience on your resume and how to incorporate the new skills you learned from studying abroad into your job interviews.  Check out this webpage to see what other international opportunities there are for you to take advantage of, now that you have the travel bug and are ready to do it all again!

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