Financial Considerations

Financial Considerations

Study abroad requires a student to plan for both academic costs/fees and personal travel expenses.  It is important to keep in mind the cost of living and currency exchange rates compared to costs associated with living in Millersville (for example, living in a large city will be more expensive than living in Millersville, however in other areas of the world, the cost of living may be less).  Traveling while abroad is an additional expense for which you must also plan realistically.  Always keep your travel plans in financial perspective.

  • The Office of Global Education prepares cost worksheets for all of the official MU study abroad programs (listed on our website).  These worksheets take into account all academic costs to study abroad (including additional tuition, living expenses, passport fees, airfare, etc.).  Global Education does not provide estimates for additional travel.

  • If a student studies through a Non-MU program and they wish to use their Financial Aid, the student is responsible for obtaining the costs to complete the Non-MU cost worksheet.  Costs should be obtained from their program provider and the completed worksheet must be submitted to Global Education.

Prior to submitting your study abroad application, it is strongly recommended that you take a copy of the program specific cost worksheet, or a completed Non-MU cost worksheet, to the Financial Aid Office to discuss financial planning.  Depending upon your specific financial aid package, the Financial Aid Office will provide estimates of what additional aid you may receive to fund your study abroad experience.  They are also able to inform you about alternative financing options available such as private loans.  Note:  Students participating in any study/intern abroad program pay a participation fee for each term that they are abroad.  The participation fee for a subsequent term will be waived if, at the time of application, students indicate they will study/intern abroad for more than one term at the same program.

If you qualify for federal and/or PA state financial aid, you may apply it to your accredited study abroad program.
Semester Considerations

  • Summer Aid:  Most students are required to be registered for a minimum of 6 credits in order to be eligible for financial aid.  Any aid received during the summer will be deducted from the amount of aid available to you for the following academic year. 

  • Winter Aid:  Aid is generally not available during the winter session.  Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information to determine if, and how, winter aid will work with your specific financial aid package.

  • Full Academic Year or Spring Only:  The release of financial aid for the following Summer or Fall academic term, may be delayed while Millersville awaits the receipt of your academic transcript from the international institution.  Transcripts from Spring semester study abroad will not arrive until early September.  Because Millersville University cannot confirm that you have made "Successful Academic Progress" (defined as 24 credits per year) for the previous academic year without the transcript, your financial aid will be place on hold until the transcript is received.

    What You Can Do:
  • You will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid via your Millersville email account in mid-May, instructing you to view your Successful Academic Progress status through MAX.  This message is generic and will not address study abroad specifically.  To ensure that your federal aid is released in a timely manner, we suggest you complete the Financial Aid Appeal Form by indicating that you are studying abroad.  The official appeal form will be accessible through your MAX account and will be due in mid-June.

  • This process will release your federal aid before the MU bill is due, even if the transcript has not yet arrived.  Power of Attorney, processed prior to departure, may be required if you will need someone else to complete this form for you in your absence.  This form can also be submitted as a scanned document via email with requires signature(s).

  • PA state aid cannot be appealed and will be retroactively released only upon receipt of your study abroad transcript confirming Satisfactory Academic Progress.

  • If your transcript is received, and you did not meet the minimum required Satisfactory Academic Progress, you will be required to immediately reimburse the Office of Financial Aid for any money already received.  Failure to do so will result in a hold being placed on your account at Millersville University which will affect registration/graduation.

There are many study abroad scholarship opportunities available to students.  Students are responsible for researching and completing the appropriate processes for scholarships if they are interested.  Do not plan to fund your study abroad experience with scholarship awards as scholarships should only be viewed as opportunities for extra support and not the main source of financial planning.

  • Your financial aid package may be affected if you receive a scholarship.  You are responsible for contacting the Financial Aid Office to determine how your award impacts you directly. 
  • Scholarship Resources: 
    • (This is just one of many websites which list scholarship opportunities)
    • The Office of Global Education is able to offer a limited number of scholarship opportunities on a semester by semester basis to Millersville students.  MU's study abroad scholarships are possible due to the generosity of MU study abroad alumni and other supportive benefactors.  Scholarship applications must be submitted along with a completed study abroad application.

Most countries do not allow international students to legally work abroad, or if they do, the country may charge additional fees for the student work visa.  Regardless of whether a country allows you to be employed, Global Education does not recommend you are employed while abroad due to the uncertainty of securing work and the difficulty of working while studying in a new country.  Keep this in mind when considering your available finances for your experience abroad.