Iceland- SUMMER


Why Iceland?

Iceland is the only country to generate all of its electrical power through alternative means. We will visit geothermal power plants, take a boat ride to a glacier that forms large icebergs as it recedes due to the climatic effects, hike pristine gorges, go on a whale watch north of the Arctic Circle, soak in geothermal pools and enjoy the scenic beauty of this sparsely populated and largely unspoiled natural paradise.

This course might be for you if:

  • You enjoy learning about energy resources and how we can help to conserve them

  • You care about the long-term sustainability of planet earth

  • You enjoy the outdoors

  • You enjoy moderate daily physical activity


Students earn 3 credits by registering for:

  • ITEC 304 Energy Resources, Sustainability and the Environment (Taught by Dr. Litowitz) 3 Credits. This course examines the Energy Resources, Sustainability and the Environment is a non-technical course for all students interested in the societal challenges of energy sustainability, alternative forms of energy, energy conservation, and the effects of energy use on the environment. This course also fulfills Millersville University's Perspectives requirement.
  • This is a blended course, which meets 80% on-line and 20% face-to-face during Summer Session I.

Students should work with their academic advisor to ensure that these 3 credits are appropriately utilized for the student's major/minor requirements or to fulfill General Education requirements.


Studying abroad requires a student to plan for both academic costs/fees and personal travel expenses. To help students plan for all trip costs, the Office of Global Education prepares cost worksheets for all official MU programs abroad. These cost worksheets take into account all costs associated with studying abroad. Some of the amounts listed are estimated for budgeting purposes (airfare, meals, and living expenses); others are actual fees (tuition, passport fees, insurance, program fees, etc.). Global Education does not provide estimates for additional personal travel.

Cost Worksheet: Below is the most recent estimated cost worksheet for Iceland

 Millersville University students will pay approximately $2000 to participate in this course during Summer 2016.

This cost includes:

  • Round-trip Airfare
  • 7 night accommodations in hostels and guest-houses
  • Ground transportation in Iceland
  • Some meals (all breakfasts, and some dinners)
  • Excursions
    • Glacier Tour
    • Folk-life museum
    • Hot springs
    • Whale watch
    • Lava Cave Tour
    • Geothermal Power Plant
    • Visit to geothermal & hydroelectric power plant
    • Daily hikes
    • Visits to waterfalls, lava fields & nature parks
    • Some museums

This cost does not include:

  • Millersville University tuition and fees for 3 credits (For specific undergraduate and graduate Summer 2016 costs per credit click here)

  • Some meals (Lunch varies while journeying throughout Iceland, students may be responsible for paying for some lunches).
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC): $25, $95 or $200 (depending on insurance plan selected)

  • Passport * (How to Apply for a Passport)

  • Personal expenses (souvenirs and other daily expenses)

*If you do not have a passport, you must apply for one IMMEDIATELY. Keep in mind that it takes
4 - 6 weeks to receive a passport.

Payment Schedule

Amount                                                 Deadline

$1,000                                                  Febuary 15, 2016

$1,000 (remaining balance)                    March 15, 2016           

Funding Your Experience

Federal/State Financial Aid: If you qualify for federal and/or PA state financial aid, you may apply it to your accredited study abroad program. For aid specific to summer aid: most students are required to be registered for a minimum of 6 credits in order to be eligible for financial aid. Any aid received during the summer will be deducted from the amount of aid available to you for the following academic year. (Summer classes Financial Aid questions)

The Office of Global Education prepares cost worksheets for all of the official MU study abroad programs to submit to the Financial Aid Office. As part of the Pre-Departure Paperwork process, students must indicate on their paperwork whether or not they wish to use summer financial aid. If they choose to use financial aid for this course abroad, the Office of Global Education will submit a cost worksheet to the Financial Aid Office on their behalf. These worksheets take into account all academic costs to study abroad (including additional tuition, living expenses, passport fees, airfare, etc.) and are used to re-evaluate students' financial aid packages. Costs associated with any additional travel outside of what is required by the program will not be included in the financial aid cost worksheet.

Any Additional questions regarding Financial Aid for Summer Study Abroad should be directed to Emiyaril Alvarez, in the Financial Aid Office.


Course will begin on May 9, 2016 and run through June 3, 2016

  • Prior to departure, there will be a face-to-face meetings on May 9, 2016
  • The online portion of this course will take place until the departure date.
  • The travel component of the course will take place: late May to early June


Students will stay in co-ed style hostels while traveling throughout Iceland.

Below are some more information regarding each of the hostels students will be staying at during each leg of their journey through Iceland:


Prerequisites:  English 110, Communication 100, Math 100 or higher and Junior Class standing.

Successful completion of all MU Course Abroad paperwork for Dr. Litowitz and the Office of Global Education.

Enrollment is limited to 15 participants including Millersville University students at all levels, transfer students and non-degree seeking students.

To Apply

Step 1 Students must submit a $1,000 program fee along with the Registration Form, which is due by Febuary 15th. Please be sure your name is attached to the payment.

All checks must be made payable to Millersville University and sent directly to Attn: Dr. Len Litowitz,  Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology. P.O Box 1002, Millersville University, Millersville, PA 17551.

Step 2:  Complete the application by Febuary 15, 2016 by clicking HERE.

Submit all documents to the Office of Global Education, Cumberland House (Corner of George St. & Frederick St.). 

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

For specific questions about the course contact Dr. Len S. Litowitz at (717) 871-7215 or via e-mail at