Cape Town, South Africa

Overview of Course Abroad

Guided by Millersville's official partner, Volunteer Adventure Corps (VAC), this program will be headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.  This upper-level multicultural, interdisciplinary interactive course is designed to enhance students' knowledge, skills, and values for professional functioning within a diversity-embracing atmosphere.  The course focus is on differences in communication styles relevant to ethnicity, gender, social class, age, and culture.  Students will engage in a number of field trips in addition to a service learning component at a pre-arranged NGO.  There will be a few class meetings before the trip and an extended class meeting upon our return.  Most class gatherings in South Africa will occur on-site, focusing on first-hand experience.  Students will be complete assignments online throughout the trip and complete/present the final project upon our return.  There will be some time for students to explore South Africa on their own.

Program Offerings

SOWK 350 Encounters in Human Diversity

Satisfies General Education Diversity and Perspectives Requirement

This course will be taught by Dr. Karen Rice.


Millersville University students will pay approximately $2,000 to participate in this course:

This cost includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Ground Transportation in South Africa (excluding students' free time)
  • Tour/Entrance fees
  • Most Meals

This cost does not include:

  • Millersville University tuition and fees
  • Airfare*
  • Transport to/from airport in US
  • ISIC Cards
  • Passport (if necessary)**
  • Some Meals
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs and other daily expenses)

*The tickets for the airfare will be purchased by each individual, but the reservations will be made for the entire group. More details about the cost and when you have to purchase the tickets will be given at a later time.

**If you do not have a passport, you must apply for one immediately. Keep in mind that it takes 4 - 6 weeks to receive a passport.

Financial Assistance

Financial aid, for those studying abroad during the winter session, is generally not available.  As this course is held during the winter session, contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine if and how winter aid works with your specific financial aid package.  For more information visit the following link: 


  • Pre-Departure Meetings at Millersville University:
    12/19/12 & 12/20/12 (Times TBD)
  • Students will study in South Africa:
    December 28, 2012-January 10, 2013
  • Post-Trip Meeting at Millersville University:


Students will share a room within a 17-bedroom home owned by VAC.  The house is located in the Observatory area of Cape Town.


Prerequisites:  Communication 100, English 110, 24 semester hours General Education Credit

To Apply

Students must send a $100.00 non refundable fee (fee will be returned if slots are filled) with the application form, which is due on Monday, September 10, 2012.   Due date for balance will be provided at a later date.  All checks must be made payable to Millersville University and sent directly to the Department of Social Work, ATTN: Karen Rice, PO Box 1002, Millersville University, Millersville, PA 17551.

Please contact Dr. Karen Rice, Social Work Department for additional information at 871-5297 or email inquiries to: