To Apply

Before Applying

Before creating an application to study abroad: 

  • Review the general study abroad and program specific eligibility requirements. Make sure you meet the minimum GPA requirement for your program. 
  • Global Education STRONGLY encourages you to research the program thoroughly and discuss your plans with:
    • Global Education
      • Schedule a Study Abroad 101 and Program Specific Meeting: Complete an Initial Interest form.
      • If you are studying abroad on an MU Course/ Group Abroad program, discuss details with the lead professor/staff and Global Education if you have questions. 
    • Your academic advisor(s)
    • Financial Aid Office
    • Any family members or other parties involved in the decision making process

Refer to the chart below for approximate deadlines for applications*:

For study abroad during:
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Academic Year
Applications are due:
  • Mid-September
  • Mid-September
  • Late-February/Early-March
  • Late-February/Early-March
  • Late-February/Early-March

*MU Course/Groups Abroad deadlines are specific to each program. See their specific webpages for details. 

For SOWK field placement abroad during:
  • Spring
  • Fall
Applications are due:
  • Spring semester of the year before
  • Fall semester of the year before

Application Instructions

Global Education Portal

Step 1: Accessing Your Global Education Portal

  • Click the above link to access your Global Education Portal.
  • Search for the program that you wish to apply to and click on the name of the program
  • Click the “Apply Now button on the program's page.
  • Click I am a Millersville University Student”
  • Log in (Use your MU username and password)
  • Click Yes and Submit for the question that reads "Do you wish to register on this site...?" 
  • Click on the term that you are applying for and click Apply
  • Refer to Step 2 for instructions on how to complete your application checklist.

Step 2: Completing Your Study Abroad Application Using Your Checklist

  • There are multiple sections of your application, listing items that need to be completed along with detailed instructions.
  • After you have completed an item, a check mark will appear under the Received column.
  • For items directly submitted manually to the Office of Global Education, we will mark received on your checklist. 

Saving Your Application and Returning to Your Portal:

  • You may begin a questionnaire and save it for later completion.
  • After 59 minutes of inactivity you will be logged out and any unsaved work will be lost. 
  • In order to access your checklist, log into your Global Education Portal.
  • On the top-right navigation bar click "Applicant Home"
  • On your "Applicant Home" page you may edit your profile and access your checklist.
  • It is very important to edit your profile to make sure that your contact information is current.

For Non-Millersville University Students:

  • Click the Global Education Portal to access the online application system.
  • Search for the program that you wish to apply to and click on the name of the program
  • Click the “Apply Now button on the program's page.
  • Click "I am not a Millersville University student"
  • Enter your user information and click "Create Account"
  • A username and temporary password will be emailed to you. 
  • Refer to Steps 2 as listed above. 

Issues & Questions

If you have any technical questions or issues concerning the Global Education Portal, email