To Apply

Before Applying

Before creating an application to study abroad: 

  • Review the general study abroad and program specific eligibility requirements. Make sure you meet the minimum GPA requirement for your program. 
  • Global Education STRONGLY encourages you to research the program thoroughly and discuss your plans with:
    • The Office of Global Education / Program Coordinator
    • Your academic advisor(s)
    • Financial Aid Office
    • Any family members or other parties involved in the decision making process

Refer to the program checklist below for release dates and the final application deadlines for each semester. Approximate deadlines for applications are as follows:

For study abroad during:
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Academic Year
Applications are due:
  • Mid-September
  • Mid-September
  • Late-February/Early-March
  • Late-February/Early-March
  • Late-February/Early-March

If you are interested in applying for a Social Work program for Spring 2017, please contact the Office of Global Education! 

Application Instructions

Global Education Portal

Step 1: Accessing Your Global Education Portal

  • Click the above link to access your Global Education Portal.
  • Search for the program that you wish to apply to and click on the name of the program
  • Click the “Apply Now button on the program's page.
  • Click I am a Millersville University Student”
  • Log in (Use your MU username and password)
  • Click Yes and Submit for the question that reads "Do you wish to register on this site...?" 
  • Click on the term that you are applying for and click Apply
  • Refer to Step 2 for instructions on how to complete your application checklist.

Step 2: Completing Your Study Abroad Application Using Your Checklist

  • There are 4 sections of your application, listing items that need to be completed along with detailed instructions.
  • After you have completed an item, a check mark will appear under the Received column.
  • For items directly submitted manually to the Office of Global Education, we will mark received on your checklist. 

Saving Your Application and Returning to Your Portal:

  • You may begin a questionnaire and save it for later completion.
  • After 59 minutes of inactivity you will be logged out and any unsaved work will be lost. 
  • In order to access your checklist, log into your Global Education Portal.
  • On the top-right navigation bar click "Applicant Home"
  • On your "Applicant Home" page you may edit your profile and access your checklist.
  • It is very important to edit your profile to make sure that your contact information is current.

For Non-Millersville University Students:

  • Click the Global Education Portal to access the online application system.
  • Search for the program that you wish to apply to and click on the name of the program
  • Click the “Apply Now button on the program's page.
  • Click "I am not a Millersville University student"
  • Enter your user information and click "Create Account"
  • A username and temporary password will be emailed to you. 
  • Refer to Steps 2 as listed above. 

Issues & Questions

If you have any technical questions or issues concerning the Global Education Portal, email