Student Evaluation of Study Abroad Experience

This questionnaire is designed to give you the opportunity to evaluate your study abroad experience. Please complete the following questions providing as many specific answers as possible. Feel free to detail any other information that you think might be useful to a student planning to study abroad.

Required Fields
Student Name
Name of Host Institution
Location of Host Institution
city & country
Time period of Study Abroad
Please answer the following questions based on the ratings provided:
  Unacceptable Poor Adequate Good Excellent
Please rate your overall study abroad experience.
Please rate the overall pre-departure processes at MU.
Please rate the overall pre-departure processes from the host institution.
Please rate the orientation process at MU for study abroad students.
Please rate the orientation process for international students at your host institution.
How helpful was your host institution's office for international students?
How was the course enrollment/registration process at your host institution?
How adequate were the facilities (library, computer lab, telephone service) at your host institution?
Please rate the organized programs available to students (sports, student clubs).
How would you rate your housing arrangement?
  Inexpensive Relatively Inexpensive Adequate Relatively Expensive Expensive
Please rate your basic costs (books, room, board, laundry, travel, entertainment).
  Much Easier Somewhat Easier About the Same Somewhat More Difficult Much More Difficult
How difficult were your courses as compared to Millersville courses?
  Uneasy Somewhat Uneasy Nuetral Somewhat Friendly Welcomed
How welcome and comfortable did you feel on campus? Were students friendly?
  Very Difficult Somewhat Difficult Adequate Somewhat Easy Very Easy
Please rate your experience traveling off of campus.
Would you study abroad again and/or recommend other students to study abroad at your host institution?

Adjustment Process / Learning Outcomes

1 What were the most rewarding aspects of your study abroad experience?
2 What were the most disappointing or challenging aspects of your study abroad experience?
3 How has your perspective changed as a result of study abroad? Will this experience impact your study or career decisions?
4 Do you believe that you developed/gained specific skills as a result of your time abroad?
5 Did you ever feel at an advantage/disadvantage compared to other local or exchange students? If so, what factors do you think contributed to your feelings (language preparation, etc)?
6 Did you experience "culture shock"? If yes, what did you experience? Were you able to find someone with whom you could discuss your problems? Was adequate counseling and support available to you?
7 Please list any other activities in which you participated during your study abroad (i.e. volunteer, service-learning, internships, etc.) and include a brief description of each.

Advice To Other Students

1 What pre-departure steps would you recommend to other students to better prepare for study abroad?
2 Please detail your basic costs:
$ for Books (per term)
$ for Room and Board (per month)
$ for Local Transportation (per month)
$ for Extended Medical Coverage
$ for Entertainment Costs
$ for Other Important Costs to Note in Your Program
3 Did you encounter any unexpected costs? What items were more/less expensive than you expected?
4 Were you advised of an acceptable amount of money to take with you on study abroad? Was the amount adequate?
5 How would you recommend that other study abroad students spend their free/vacation time? Were you able to travel off campus? To where? Do you have any travel tips to share from your experience?
6 What are the five most important things to take along when visiting your host institution?
7 What items did you bring to your host institution that you wish you had left behind at home? Were there any items that you wished you had brought along on study abroad?
8 What are the three most important things you would tell a prospective study abroad student?
9 What did you like most about your study abroad location and host university?
10 Is there any other information that you wish to share about your study abroad experience?