Kirsten N. Bookmiller

Kirsten N. Bookmiller, Ph.D.

Kirsten N. Bookmiller, Ph.D.

Professor of Government & Political Affairs, and a Contributing Faculty Member to the MS in Emergency Management Program
Office: Fulton, Back Office
Phone: (717) 871-7502

Office Hours

T: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.
W: 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
R: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.
Comments: Hours to meet during Fall 2016 semester

Additional Information


  • B.A., Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A., University of Virginia
  • Ph.D., University of Virginia

Course Offerings for Fall 2016: 

  •  GOVT 251.02: Introduction to Global Politics
  •  GOVT 351.01: International Law
  •  GOVT 351.02: International Law
  •  GOVT 352.01: International Organizations

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • International Politics
  • International Law & Organizations
  • International Humanitarian Policy

Selected Publications:

  • "Canada and the Human Security Network, 1998-2010 - RIP?" (co-authored with Robert Bookmiller), British Journal of Canadian Studies, October 2010: 23(2), pp. 247-271.
  • United Nations (New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 2008).
  • "Might and Right: The U.S. and Canada and Humanitarian Interventions" (co-authored with Robert J. Bookmiller) in Robert Timko (Ed.) Representations of Canada: Cross-Cultural Reflections on Canadian Society (Volgograd University Institute for North American Studies/PA Canadian Studies Consortium, 2002), pp 73-96.
  • Entries on international organizations ("United Nations," "United Nations Radio") and international political communication ("British Broadcasting Corporation World Service," "Jamming," "Radio Free Asia," "Radio Marti," "Voice of America") in Derek Jones (Ed.) Censorship: An International Encyclopedia (London: Fitzroy-Dearborn, 2002).
  • "Teaching the European Union," (with Peter Loedel and Edward DeClair), ECSA Review [a publication of the European Community Studies Association], Spring 1998, pp. 10-11.
  • "Pacifism, Compassion, Anabaptism: The Mennonite Central Committee in the NGO Community," Peace and Development [a publication of the International Peace Research Assoc.], January 1997, pp. 10-24
  • "Behind the Headlines: The Multilateral Middle East Talks," (Co-authored with Robert J. Bookmiller), Current History, January 1996, pp. 33-37.
  • "America's Voice In Iran: The Voice of America Persian Service," US-Iran Review, November 1993, pp. 12-13.
  • "Dateline Algeria: US Press Coverage of the Algerian War of Independence," (Co-authored with Robert J. Bookmiller) in Beverly Hawk (editor), Africa's Media Image (Praeger Press, 1992), pp. 62-76.
  • "Palestinian Radio and the Intifada," (Co-authored with Robert J. Bookmiller) Journal of Palestine Studies, Summer 1990, pp. 96-105.

Professional Memberships:

  • International Studies Association
  • American Society of International Law
  • Academic Council on the United Nations System
  • Association for Canadian Studies in the United States
  • Pennsylvania/Canadian Studies Consortium
  • Pennsylvania Council for International Education
  • National Association of Foreign Student Advisors
  • Mid-Atlantic and New England Council for Candadian Studies (Co-Vice President for Conference Planning 2002-2004; Vice President for Conference Programs 2004-2006).