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Request A Tour

Go Far at the Ville

Are you considering a graduate degree? Would you like to visit the Millersville campus?

Go Far at the Ville provides you with the opportunity to visit Millersville University, the Office of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning and the possibility to meet with the program coordinator in your area of interest. We will work to schedule a day and time that works best for you and your prospective program.

Your visit to campus will include:

  • Meet with a graduate admissions to discuss the application and requirements
  • Take a guided campus tour including the McNairy library, our state of the art academic buildings and our beautiful Student Memorial Center (SMC), including the College Store!
  • Become famililiar with various campus offices including Financial Aid
  • Eat lunch at one of our dining facilities.
  • Possibly meet one-on-one with faculty, students and staff of your desired program.

Register so we can help plan you day at Millersville!

Please register at least 3 weeks in advance. The email address and phone number you provide will be used to communicate with you, so please choose one you check regularly.