Classes offered in Philadelphia Fall 2013

The on-site ESL Certification cohort program for Philadelphia is a five(5) semester program. Courses begin in Fall 2013 on-site in Philadelphia. The credits earned in these courses are applicable towards certification as an ESL Program Specialist, classes will also count in Millersville's Master of Education in Language & Literacy program.

Admission materials for the ESL Certification program must be submitted by July 15, 2013.

Benefits of ESL Program Specialist Certification:

  • Ability to add ESL Certification to your credentials with only 5 courses (must have valid Instructional I or II certificate).
  • Accelerated weekend fall and spring course offerings. 
  • The last course, a clinical experience in the summer,enables you to practice your craft.
  • Credits meet your Act 48 requirements.
  • Balance work, personal and school by taking 1 class a semester!
  • Credits earned count in Millersville’s Master of Education Degree in Language and Literacy

Classes include:

Second Language Acquisition
Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
Methods for Teaching English Language
Learners Current Trends and Policies in the Teaching of English
Language Learners Clinical/Practicum experience

Location Information

Mellon Independence Center 701 Market Street, 3rd Floor Philadelphia, PA (Above Ross Department store). Once in the building, head towards the ATM machines and follow the signs for Cheyney University. You will need to check in with security before going up the elevator.
Please park in Central Parking, corner of 8th and Market Street. Parking will be available for $7.

For more information:
call 717-872-3030 or email

Cohort Terms and Conditions

The on-site ESL Certification cohort program for Philadelphia is a five (5) semester program.  Courses begin in Fall 2013 on-site in Philadelphia.  The credits earned in these courses are applicable towards certification as an ESL Program Specialist.  

Admission materials for the ESL Certification program must be submitted by July 15, 2013. Below are the steps to apply for admission to the ESL Certification program: 

  • Application for Admission - Official application form for admission into Millersville University Graduate Studies. Applicants to all degree and certification programs use this application form.  Must include $40 application fee. Click here to apply.
  • Letters of Recommendation - Three (3) letters of recommendation preferably from a supervisor or faculty member familiar with your work and academic background are required with application for admission. When you complete the online application you will have an opportunity to send your references an electronic form.   
  • Academic and Professional Goals Statement - A signed academic and professional goals statement (approximately 300 words) is required with application for admission. The statement should include experiences which have influenced your decision to pursue post-baccalaureate studies and a self-assessment of your potential for advanced study and service in your chosen field.  
  • Transcripts - One (1) official transcript of baccalaureate and graduate work completed at all colleges or universities you have attended.  Transcripts must bear the official institutional seal and be contained in a sealed institutional envelope.  Millersville University graduates need not request a transcript.

Cohort participants must follow the program’s course sequence as outlined on page two. There may be exceptions made for those who have a significant conflict in consultation with the Program Coordinator and Associate Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies.

Course Sequence 

FALL 2013

To register, please complete the following registration form.

EDUC 561 - Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Programs and Assessment  Provides prospective and practicing teachers with a foundational understanding of English language structure, first and second language acquisition, and oral language assessment methods for K-12 classrooms. Historical and evolving legislative policies and programs related to schooling and English language learners in the U.S.  


EDUC 563 - Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom:  Examines U.S. and world cultures, sources of cross-cultural conflict and approaches to cross-cultural conflict resolution as it relates to K-12 settings. Explores approaches for creating classrooms that promote equity and an appreciation for diversity.  


EDUC 562 - Methods for Teaching English Language Learners:  Provides prospective and practicing teachers with an opportunity to apply theoretical foundations of second language acquisition to teaching in the classroom. Methods for developing English language learners’ conversational and academic language, as well as strategies for learning in the content areas. Prereq: EDUC 561.  

EDUC 564 - Assessment, Policies & Practices in Teaching English Language Learners: Focuses on the use of various tools in assessing and planning for the linguistic and instructional needs of English learners. Contains a public school field experience component where participants apply methods and principles for supporting English language learners in K-12 settings. Examines state and federal policies as they relate to schooling and English language learners. Prereq: EDUC 561 or 562.

SUMMER 2014 

Six (6) credits of Clinical/Practicum experience 

To reserve your spot in the Fall 2013 cohort for the ESL Certification Program held onsite in Philadelphia, please submit this signed signature page and completed application no later than July 15, 2013