Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Educator Workshop?

Educator Workshops offer graduate-level courses, which are on and off-campus professional development opportunities. These summer workshops have been offered by Millersville University since 1974. Since its inception, more than 83,000 elementary and secondary educators have enrolled to explore the latest educational trends and advance their professional skills.

Who should enroll in educator workshops?

Workshops are for educators, supervisors, administrators, school nurses, reading specialists, coaches, etc.

What kind of credit is offered for educator workshops?

All of the graduate-level workshops are graded on a pass/fail basis. Most school districts will accept pass grades, and the PA Department of Education accepts these workshops for Act 48 permanent certification and for the master's equivalency certificates.

Will my credits apply towards a degree at Millersville University?

Educator Workshops may not be included in a master's degree program at Millersville University. If you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution, check with your adviser to see if workshop credits are accepted.

What are the hours of the workshops?

Workshops require attendance of participants for at least one week of meetings (Monday-Friday) and require completion of a final assignment due one week after the last scheduled workshop meeting date. Unless stated otherwise in the course descriptions, face-to-face workshops meet from 8a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a one hour lunch break. Completion of all assignments and daily attendance is required to receive workshop credit.

When are the workshops offered?

Millersville University offers workshops in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters and offers Summer workshops in Summer Session 1, 2 and 3. If your school district is interested in hosting a workshop during the Fall, Winter or Spring semester, please contact the College of Graduate & Professional Studies.

Where are the workshops offered?

Workshops are offered on-campus, off-campus at district and intermediate unit sites, and are offered via technology (either online, blended or videoconferencing).

What is the cost of the workshops? What are the billing deadlines?

The cost of the workshop varies depending on the semester, as do the billing deadlines. For current cost information, please check the Bursar's website.

How do I submit Act 48 credits to PDE?

If you are a PA educator and you wish to report courses/workshops you have taken at Millersville to the PA Department of Education (PDE), you may do so using MAX. Guidelines for submitting coursework to PDE can be found on the Act 48 Information Page.

Do I have to be admitted to Millersville University to enroll in a workshop?

Yes - If you have not taken a course or workshop from MU within the past 5 years, you must complete a non-degree application and pay the application fee. If you have taken a course or workshop in the past 5 years, you do not need to reapply. Click here to go to the application/registration page.

How can I register for a workshop?

If you are a returning student you may register through MAX. If you are a new student, click here for the application/registration form.

What information do I need to know in order to register for a workshop?

You will need the session in which you are taking the workshop (Session 1, 2, or 3); the course reference number (CRN); the course and section number; and your student ID and PIN number.

What is the CRN number?

The Course Reference Number (CRN) can be found in any of the class schedule booklets. It is usually a four- or five-digit number.

What is my ID number and what is my PIN number?

Your ID number is also your social security number or your new MU#. Your PIN number is your birth date (mmddyy).

Why do we pay activity/technical fees if we are not taking a workshop on campus?

It is a state mandate that all graduate students pay the activity and technical fees no matter if the course is on campus, off campus or offered via distance learning.

How can I get a workshop offered in my area?

In the Summer of 2010, we worked with school districts and intermediate units across the state to teach over 80 workshops for educators. If you are interested in hosting a workshop next Summer, contact us via email at or call 717-871-3742.

Where can I find a listing of workshops and institutes offered this summer?

Click here to view the listing. Enter your desired term, select EDW (Education Workshop) for the subject, select graduate courses, and click submit.

Where are the course descriptions?

Course descriptions for workshops can be found here. They also can be viewed by scrolling over the title of the course in the web schedule.

Institute descriptions can be found online here. Click on the appropriate institute under Summer Institutes.

How much work outside the classroom is involved in an intensive one-week class?

Workload will vary with each class. Remember that these one-week classes are equivalent to a full semester course.

What is the difference between a workshop and institute?

Institutes and workshops are both three graduate credits. The distinct differences are that institutes: may count towards a Masters degree, are topic based and typically subject matter experts are brought in from around the region and country.

Do both institutes and workshops offer graduate credit?

Yes. Both institutes and workshops offer 3 graduate credits.

Can Institute credits count towards my Masters degree?

Yes. Our institutes offer 3 graduate credits, most of which can be applied towards a Master's degree at Millersville University.

Can Workshop credits count towards my Masters degree?

No. Workshops count for 3 graduate credits, but DO NOT APPLY towards a master's degree.  The 3 graduate credits are applicable for ACT 48 hours from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Can I transfer my credits to another university?

If you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution, check with your adviser to see if workshop or institute credits are accepted.

Why is there an additional institute fee?

Summer Institutes have a $165 Institute fee associated with each course. The Institute fee covers the cost of breakfast and lunch each day, as well as handouts and materials for courses.

Where do I get my bill?

You may view and pay your bill online through MAX. Please note that Millersville University no longer sends paper bills.

How do I drop or add a course after I am registered?

You can drop/add courses through your MAX account.

Do I need to submit any paperwork if my school district wants to be billed directly for my courses?

Yes. A Letter will need to be provided from your school district indicating they are covering the cost of the workshop/institute. Please fax letters to 717-872-3453.

Can I get financial aid for summer workshops?

If you are a non-degree student, you are ineligible for financial aid.

If you are enrolled in a degree program and are taking at least 6 graduate credits you are eligible to apply for financial aid. For more details on requirements and how to apply, visit the Financial Aid webpage.

What is the deferred payment program? How does it work?

Information about the deferred payment program can be found online by clicking here.

I received my undergraduate degree from Millersville University. Am I still considered an active student?

No. After you graduate, your student status is deactivated. You will need to reapply as a non-degree student.