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ESL Institute

English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language Institute uniquely provides administrators, classroom teachers, and ESL teachers with a critical understanding of how schools can take proactive steps at bridging the achievement gap as it relates to linguistically and culturally diverse learners. 

Course/Important Information


Ms. Katherine Houck

Mrs. Williams will be a guest speaker at the ESL Institute. I want to recommend to the students to purchase a book, or two, by our guest author. This link gives information about each book.  Books, new and used can be found on

Course: EDUC 688
CRN: 3350
Location: Stayer MPR and the Ware Center
Meeting Dates: July 17 - 21, 2017
Meetings Times: 8:00am - 4:00pm

The ESL Institute this summer will be a 5-day cultural exploration of our immigrant, refugee, and migrant populations in the United States.  In order to educate our new families we need to understand their native cultures.  Not only will we enjoy knowledgeable guest speakers but we will also have the opportunity to interact with ELL children and their families. Students will:

  • Meet and learn from visiting author Karen Lynn Williams.  Mrs. Williams is most famous for her book, Four Feet,Two Sandals. We are thrilled to have her join us for the day!
  • Learn about the CWS (Church World Service) organization and understand the process of how immigrants transition into life in the US.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of why immigrants are coming to the US, challenges they face(d) in their homeland, and the new challenges they face in the US
  • Observe ESL teachers and Lancaster's migrant population in summer school program setting.
  • Tour Lancaster county and visit various cultural markets (resources).

3 days will be on campus, 2 of the days will be off campus at the Ware Center in Lancaster City.


 Invited Speakers

Monday, July 17 - Ms. Christine Baer

Congregational Resource Developer at Church World Service (CWS)

Bio -

Tuesday, July 18 - Mrs. Karen Lynn Williams

American Author

Bio - Best known for her books about the difficulties of children in developing countries

Wednesday, July 19 - Mr. Jerry Lapp, Mr. Jigme Singe, and Ms. Jennifer Bradley

Educators Activists

Bio -

Thursday, July 20 - Mr. Terry Mulumba

Grant Specialist Educator Community Activist

Bio -

Friday, July 21 - Mr. Scott Feifer

English Teacher, Hempfield

Jefferson Award Winner

Bio - 

2018 Schedule

Credits: All participants will receive 3 graduate credits for the summer institute. 

Tuition/Fees: Institutes are unique 3 credit graduate courses, that highlight renowned experts in the field. Institutes include breakfast and lunch throughout the day, as well as handouts and materials. Books may be required courses, please check with the university bookstore. Millersville University graduate tuition and fees can be found on the Office of Student Accounts page. In addition, a $165 institute fee is required.

Note: If you have not taken any graduate-level course or workshop at Millersville University within the past 5 years, you must complete the online non-degree admission form; this information is necessary to admit you to the university.

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