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Educator Workshops have served educators in meeting their professional development needs for over 35 years.

We continuously work to maximize access to our programs by offering workshops year-round, on-campus, on-site at school districts across the Commonwealth, and online.

Our programs are of high quality and rigor. We target current and critical topics. The programs offered are driven by the needs identified by administrators and educators. Workshops offer three graduate credits, which meet many needs for educators including: permanent certification, salary improvement, professional growth, lifelong learning, and requirements for Act 48.


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Winter 2015 Workshops

EDW 504 50A (CRN 10484) WebQuests in the Classroom

Location: Online Distance Learning - MU Online

Dates: 01/05/15-01/16/15

Professor: Dr. John Ward

Course Description: This workshop will support K-12 teachers in planning, implementing, and reflecting on integrating the Internet into their curriculum. Participants will develop WebQuests for use in their classrooms. These projects will integrate cooperative learning and structured student investigation of problems using the Internet as a resource. Each participant will develop a WebQuest that will include selected resources for students, detailed planning of the instructional process, and authentic assessment of student work. Recommended for 3-12 educators.

EDW 575 50A (CRN 10515) Adolescent Substance Abuse

Location: Online Distance Learning - MU Online

Dates: 12/29/14-01/16/15

Professor: Dr. Jeffrey Wimer

Course Description: This course is designed for individuals who want to learn more about the evidence-based prevention approaches for addressing substance abuse among children and adolescents, as well as strategies for creating a school environment that emphasizes positive activities and responsibility among students, teachers, administrators and encourages parent-family involvement. Whether young people use alcohol and other drugs in an effort to self-medicate for depression and/or anxiety, or they use because of the curiosity a peer might say about how a drug makes them feel; repeated substance use causes changes to the developing brain.

EDW 618 50A (CRN 10345) Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

Location: Online Distance Learning - MU Online

Dates: 12/15/14-12/30/14

Professor: Dr. Daniel Keefer

Course Description: This is an online workshop designed to provide educators as well as other individuals with a wide range of tools found on the World Wide Web to evaluate and promote healthy lifestyles. Workshop participants will learn how to use online resources necessary for researching, teaching, and assessing healthy lifestyles. The class sessions, or modules, will be conducted using courseware. Recommended for all educators at all grade levels, especially physical educators and coaches, school nurses, and school counselors. 

EDW 721 50A (CRN 10517) Digital Storytelling in Class

Location: Online Distance Learning - MU Online

Dates: 1/5/15-1/16/15

Professor: Dr. Oliver Dreon

Course Description: Digital stories are stories told with new media tools such as video and PowerPoint. In this workshop teachers will learn how to use digital telling to support new forms of student writing. Digital stories can transform traditional writing assignments in elementary, middle and high school such as reports on current or historical events, responses to literature, reporting on scientific experiments, as well as transforming creative writing projects. Digital story telling is highly motivating for students and when used with an authentic writing purpose provides powerful ways for students to tell stories and report.
The emphasis of the workshop will be on how digital telling can be integrated with the curriculum. We will discuss practical ways to support students with the use of technology as well as meaningful ways to support the writing process. Participants in this workshop will develop their own digital stories and will create lesson plans for student writing with new media. Recommended for K-12 language arts, social studies, and English educators.

EDW 764 50A (CRN 10423) Childhood Obesity Prevention

Location: Online Distance Learning - MU Online

Dates: 01/05/15-01/16/15

Professor: Dr. Jeffrey Wimer

Course Description: This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the health and wellness issues related to childhood obesity and the strategies necessary to address this national epidemic. Using a system developed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), participants will learn how to implement the Coordinated School Health Model.

EDW 768 50A (CRN 10346) The Dark Side of the Internet

Location: Online Distance Learning - MU Online

Dates: 01/02/15-01/17/15

Professor: Dr. Nanette Dietrich

Course Description: This workshop will equip educators with a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities regarding current communication technology including internet safety, social networking, child-identity theft, cyber harassment and portable technologies. Legal, technical, psychological, and social dynamics will all be addressed including practical application to the school environment.

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