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Educator Workshops have served educators in meeting their professional development needs for over 35 years.

We continuously work to maximize access to our programs by offering workshops year-round, on-campus, on-site at school districts across the Commonwealth, and online.

Our programs are of high quality and rigor. We target current and critical topics. The programs offered are driven by the needs identified by administrators and educators. Workshops offer three graduate credits, which meet many needs for educators including: permanent certification, salary improvement, professional growth, lifelong learning, and requirements for Act 48.


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Spring 2015 Workshops

EDW 752 50A (CRN 13784) Eating Disorders / Body Image Anxiety

Location: Online Distance Learning - MU Online

Dates: 3/30/15 - 4/13/15

Professor: Dr. Jeffrey Wimer

Course Description: This workshop will provide the latest guidelines for the identification, intervention, education, and referral of eating disorders and body image anxieties that are common among many boys and girls in schools. Treatment resources for this escalating problem will be provided to help school professionals understand and address this complex issue. The workshop will also discuss how schools can develop policies to alleviate pressures to be perfect in an era of plastic surgery, extreme makeovers and steroid-use.


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