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Keep informed about pending changes to the Honors College curriculum!!!!

The Spring bus trip this year is to New York City on Saturday, April 1, 2017.  The students will be seeing a performance of the Broadway Show "Cats!" Those students who have been active participants of HCSA during the first semester and completed the community service requirements will be the first students offered the chance to sign up for this bus trip.

As you know, the Honors College at Millersville University offers talented, highly motivated students (such as yourself) the personalized attention of a small liberal arts school while drawing upon the resources of MU as a whole. The college aims to provide exceptional opportunities normally found only at expensive private institutions.

Although your classmates may look different, think differently, and even speak differently, they have one important trait in common--the desire to succeed. The MUHC features students that aren't afraid to debate different ideas, explore new pathways, or even share a few thoughts about popular culture.

Don't forget...

Honors College students are also required to participate in 4 community service projects each year. Participation in the Day of Caring during early September is a required community service project for all Freshmen and is a part of the Honors Freshmen Experience.

Senior Thesis Help and Honors in the Major Policy

The senior Honors thesis is the culmination of the Honors College experience at MU. It is also required to graduate in the program. We have gathered together some resources, which should be helpful to those currently pulling out their hair trying to finish their thesis and to those who should be thinking about starting it.

If you would like to see physical examples of past Honors theses, they are available in Franklin House to view although they may not leave the building. 

The Honors in the Major Policy enables students to take 2 courses in their major for Honors credit after they have earned 15 Honors credits.  Click on the link below to get the forms.

Honors in the Major