Cody Youse

Cody Youse

Cody Youse

Full Name: Cody Tyler Youse

HomeTown: Reading, PA

Major(s): Secondary Education Social Studies (Grades 7-12, Concentration in History)

Expected Semester of Graduation: Spring 2017

Why did you join the Honors College? 

I joined the UHC in order to have a well-rounded education and to help myself stand out as a candidate in a highly competitive job field (education.)

How has the Honors College shaped your experience at Millersville University?

The UHC has shaped me into the learner and teacher I am today through its coursework, rigor, and strong sense of community. I would recommend it to my 18-year-old self if given the chance. Looking back, I know it was the best decision.

What was your favorite honors course? Why? 

GOVT 412H: Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties" with Dr. Richard Glenn, taken in the spring of my junior year. He taught us using the Socratic method in a class that he said was very much like an introductory course you would take in law school. I learned a whole new way of thinking and learning, and it affects how I teach and interact with people to this day. I learned so much about the U.S. Supreme Court and how law is interpreted through Dr. Glenn's instruction.

What was your favorite honors professor? Why?

Dr. Clarence Maxwell because he taught me in my first-ever Honors course. He is loved by every Honors College member for his wit and charm. His accent is intriguing and the man knows how to tell a story. He has a compelling presence inside and outside of the classroom, but he maintains a sense of humility that I could only dream to emulate.

How many credits do you typically take? 

15-18 per semester

What other organizations have you been a part of?

I was the Secretary and then President of the College Republicans club on campus. Some of my best days at Millersville were spent volunteering and reaching out to the community through this club.

What leadership roles have you had on campus?

 I was the secretary of the College Republicans from 2014-2015 and the President of the club from 2015-2016.

What was your favorite Honors College event? Why?

DC was my favorite event because it was one where I was able to travel with my new freshman friends around the city with no restrictions or rules. You really are on your own and for those of us who have not had that experience until we reach college, it is pretty liberating!

What community service events have you completed while in the honors college?

Through the Honors College, I have participated in Day of Caring (which I recommend to EVERYONE who joins UHC), Relay for Life, and I served on the Security Detail for Panic! At the Disco when they came to MU for the Spring concert in 2014. My current roommate got to guard their tour bus for his community service while I stood at the front of the stage catching crowd-surfers!

What does your typical day look like?

Right now, I am student teaching at Hempfield High School. I do that all day until 3 when I get to come home and either nap or watch some Breaking Bad episodes with my roommate, go to dinner at one of the dining areas, and then alternate with hanging out in my room and planning lessons until I go to bed around midnight or 1 am. It is a pretty routine schedule!

What advice would you give to incoming Freshman?

When the UHC was located in the now-demolished Diehm Hall, it was much easier to make friends because you were in the hallways more due to the presence of community bathrooms. Believe it or not, passing people frequently in the hallway or seeing therm in the bathrooms was how you made a majority of friends! With the new "suite-style" rooms that everyone on campus has, the only essential reasons to leave your room are for class and food. So, my advice is this: keep the door to your room open whenever possible and invite people in. Too often, I see freshmen who do not do this and they become lonely. Finally, live your life with your biography in mind! I've had a lot of unique experiences during my time in Millersville because I lived by this mantra.