Elizabeth Whaba

Elizabeth Whaba

Elizabeth Wahba

Full Name: Elizabeth Wahba

Hometown: Honey Brook, PA

Major(s): BSE English

Minor(s) if applicable: History

Expected Semester of Graduation: May 2017

Why did you join the Honors College?

The Honors College was, from the first letter of invitation I received with my initial acceptance to Millersville, the reason I came to Millersville University. The benefits and opportunities the College has to offer are unending and abounding, from early registration to financed events and outings.

How has the Honors College shaped your experience at Millersville University?

Without the Honors College I would have missed out on the excellent scholarly opportunities of Honors classes, as well as the close connections to professors and academics that the College’s events encourage. I would not be the sharp academic I am today without these individuals and the experiences they afforded me.

What was your favorite honors course? Why?

History of Ideas. This course opened my mind in my first semester of college to the concepts of Otherization, the historical significance of that concept, and the philosophies that canonized the experiences of cultures and communities that were Otherized/dd the Otherizing. It was the kind of course that really quantified my life experiences for me, and framed my studies for the rest of my college career (and certainly beyond.)

What was your favorite honors professor? Why?

Dr. Clarence Maxwell, the professor who taught History of Ideas. He is always encouraging, professional, and the picture of the academic lifestyle. His course is the first course I had in college, and that is the best gift the Honors College arranges for its students because Dr. Maxwell and Ideas is the perfect way to set the precedent for academic excellence.

How many credits do you typically take?

15 to 18 per semester.

What other organizations have you been a part of? What leadership roles have you had on campus?

I served as President of the Millersville University History Club, the Historian and as a mentor for the Color of Teaching Mentoring Association, and am a member of the National Society of Leadership.

What was your favorite Honors College event? Why?

My favorite Honors College event would be the Honors Recognition luncheons and the Beideman Mentoring Initiative. The chance to network and simply be privy to academics and professionals while still in college is hard to come by outside of the Honors College, and being included in these events have been the highlight of my college experience.

What community service events have you completed while in the honors college?

I have completed the Day of Caring twice, I have volunteered to help with the Halloween Parade, I have volunteered at Oak Knoll Retirement Community to spend time and run acitvities for residents in assisted living as well as the Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, and I have mentored middle and high school students from the local community to encourage them towards a college education.

What advice would you give to incoming Freshman?

The best advice I can give to any incoming freshman is to STAY. IN. THE. HONORS. COLLEGE. So many things will tempt you to drop out, especially the thesis, but do NOT be swayed by laziness. The Honors College is the best distinction you can have, now, in college, graduation, and when you’re an alumni.

While you’re on campus – early registration will save you so many times, and the opportunities you’ll get in networking, volunteer work, etc. will be impossible to find elsewhere on campus.

When you’re preparing to graduate – you’ll meet mentors and professionals that will help you with the job hunt, advice on how to find what’s right for you, and motivation to work hard enough to chase what you want.

As an alumni you will have ample opportunity to come back and share in the same experiences for the next generation of UHC students, and to continue to network.

The Honors College sets you up for success and will never stop working to help you achieve your best, and having a genuine support group from fellow students and leadership from the University is so much more valuable than you can know. The campus is large, and the UHC gives you a place to fit in.

P.S. The thesis is really not that bad. I recommend knocking it out the summer before senior year. It’s just a long essay, you won’t have any trouble doing it if you start your research junior year and write the first draft over the following summer. Trust me!