Living-Learning Communities

Freshman Year Experience

Since August of 2001, Millersville University has been involved in the Freshmen Year Experience. In this unique living and learning environment, approximately 480 incoming freshmen students have the opportunity to explore the new and exciting world of college together. Each of the eight wings of both Harbold & Hull Halls are comprised of undeclared, earth science, chemistry, physics, math, and sociology/anthropology majors. In each of these fields, incoming students are required to participate in a freshmen seminar course. The undeclared students of Bard, Gaige, Harbold & Hull Halls are encouraged to enroll in the Freshmen Seminar course that is taught in the classroom in the residence hall. The Department of Housing and Residential Programs has worked in conjunction with the Associate Provost and Academic Advisement Office to create this new and exciting program for students.

The Leadership Team in Bard, Gaige, Harbold and Hull Halls are available to assist students at all times.

Resident Assistants: The role of the Resident Assistants (R.A.) is to promote community on the wing, to hold informational meetings with residents, to enforce the Student Code of Conduct, to organize programming for the wing, and to assist students with any needs that they might have while living in the building.

Peer Mentors: The role of the Peer Mentor is to assist a member of the Freshmen Year faculty in the Freshmen Seminar course, conduct mentoring sessions with students, and to serve as a general resource to students in the course and on the wing. Peer Mentors are also responsible for running the W.O.W. (What's on Wednesday) Programming series.

Graduate Assistant: The role of the Graduate Assistant is to supervise both the Resident Assistants and Peer Mentors in the building, to promote University and residence hall community, and to assist students and staff in various aspects of college life.

Center for Service Learning & Leadership

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow as a leader, and to impact the community around you, then you need to take a look at Hobbs Hall. The students of Hobbs Hall are living and working together to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people in our community.

Hobbs Hall is the Center for Service Learning and Leadership. In our residence hall at Millersville University, we are dedicated to the processes of holistic growth and intentional impact. Individuals are challenged to extend themselves in a spirit of social engagement. One of the ways that we attempt this is through service-learning.

Service Learning provides a way that students can use their minds, talents, passions, etc., to effect change in meaningful ways – both in the community and in themselves.

The goals of the Center for Service Learning and Leadership are:

  • To fulfill unmet needs in the community through direct service which is meaningful and necessary.
  • To develop an environment of collegial participation among students, faculty, and the community.
  • To increase the civic and citizenship skills of students.
  • To expose students to societal inadequacies and injustices and empower students to remedy them.
  • To provide cross-cultural experiences for students.
  • To give students greater responsibility for their learning.
  • To become involved!

Honors & International Theme Housing

The University Honors College provides challenging and enriching educational experiences for Millersville University's most talented and motivated students. Above all, the program emphasizes academic achievement, learning and discourse. Honors Housing in Diehm Hall is an option that may be selected by Honors College students who wish to live in a unique living-learning environment together. Special programs are offered in the hall in conjunction with Honors College activities and are designed to integrate the living-learning experience beyond the classroom.

For more information about the University Honors College, please contact Dr. Steven Miller at 717-872-3571 or visit their website.

The International Housing option in Diehm Hall provides an opportunity for both U.S. and international students to experience, appreciate, and learn about new and different cultures. There is no language requirement and admission is open to all, on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about International housing, please contact Rita Miller at 717-872-3162.