Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Operations

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office works closely with University Police, Facilities Operations, Health Services, and other University groups to prepare the campus community for an emergency or disaster, and to develop procedures to manage the emergency through a detailed emergency operations plan (EOP).

What You Should Do To Prepare for an Emergency

Emergency Operations Plan

  • Millersville University has an EOP that conforms to Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) guidelines. The EOP is distributed to emergency responders both inside and outside the University.
  • For security reasons the full Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is not published on the MU Web Site. A summary of the EOP can be found in the Millersville University Emergency Response Guide – A Quick Use Guide to the Millersville University Emergency Operations Plan.
  • The EOP has detailed emergency response protocols and procedures to respond to a variety of manmade and natural disaster/emergencies which could befall the university.
  • The EOP is a constantly evolving document and is updated on a periodic basis.

Emergency Response

Millersville University has a group of trained and experienced professionals who will respond in the event of a campus emergency. This Emergency Response Team consists of members from the University Police, Environmental Health and Safety, Health Services, Information Technology, Housing and Residential Programs, Campus Counseling Services, Dining, Purchasing, Facilities Operations, Communications and Marketing and Senior Administration.

Members of the ERT take part in planned tabletop exercises or mock emergency drills on a periodic basis to practice working together and with other emergency responders.

Millersville University emergency responders also work closely with the Penn Manor School District and Millersville Borough emergency planners/responders, to share best practices, share resources, and plan for an emergency that could befall the entire Millersville area.

Emergency Communication

In an emergency - you need to know two things as accurately and as quickly as possible:

  • Information about the emergency - what is it, where is it taking place, when did it begin, etc.
  • Information to help you protect yourself - where should you go, what should you do, etc.

Millersville University has a multi-tiered emergency communication system designed to quickly send out emergency information to students, faculty, staff, and parents.

  • MU Alert - You can sign up to receive emergency alert text messages through your cell phone and/or email messages to your computer using the MU Alert system. The system is also used to announce weather delay/cancelation information.
  • Web Alerts - During a campus emergency the MU Home Page will be utilized to distribute emergency information and updates.