Voluntary Deductions

Financial Institution Deduction (transfer of a fixed dollar amount to a financial institution)

Employees have the option of having a set dollar amount deducted from their pay and electronically transferred to the financial institution of their choice. This would include monies you would like to send to a savings account, repayment of a loan, Christmas/vacation clubs, etc.

This deduction is similar to direct deposit of net pay except that a set dollar amount is specified for this deduction while direct deposit of pay transfers the entire net amount. This deduction will appear as Direct Deposit 1 on your earnings statement.

To apply for this deduction, you must complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, attach a voided check or letter from your financial institution which includes the routing and account number, and return it to the Payroll Office.

As with direct deposit of net pay, monies are wired to the appropriate financial institution on a regular schedule that allows the institution ample time to deposit the monies into the employee s account on the morning of the pay day.

Millersville Employees Dedicated to the Advancement of Learning (MEDAL Fund)

This program, administered by the Advancement Office, gives Millersville University employees the opportunity to donate funds for scholarships, building projects, employee training and education, etc. via payroll deduction. The Advancement Office conducts an annual campaign, distributing information and pledge forms to all employees. Questions concerning information and/or pledge forms should be referred to that office at extension 3820. This deduction will appear as Ann Giving on the earnings statement.

State Employees Combined Appeal (SECA)

This deduction is similar to the United Way. Human Resources directs the SECA campaign during the fall semester, distributing information to all employees. Participants complete the deduction authorization including the amount and charity of their choice. Deductions begin on the first paydate of the new calendar year and continue through the last paydate of the calendar year. In order to keep the deduction active from one calendar year into the next, a new authorization form must be completed annually. If a new form is not received, deductions will automatically end at the end of the calendar year. Employees are permitted to authorize deductions to begin for SECA at any time during the calendar year, not just at campaign time.

Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) & Deferred Compensation

Although PASSHE Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSA's) and Deferred Compensation are two separate deduction types, they are similar in that they allow employees the option to voluntarily save a portion of their gross pay before federal withholding taxes are deducted.  TSA deductions may be made to any PASSHE approved carrier (see list).  Deferred Compensation deductions are through Great West Retirement Services.  The maximum dollar amount employees may elect to have deducted for 2016 is $18,000 for those under the age of 50, and $24,000 for those age 50 or over.  Please contact the Office of Human Resources (Dilworth Building, Room 105, Extension 4950) if you have questions relating to these plans or related deductions.