Lancaster Sound Map • August 29-October 6, 2016

Lancaster Sound Map • August 29-October 6, 2016

About the Exhibition

“Born in the Ear” began with the idea that sound, language and naming are a significant part of determining our place in the world.  Artist Stuart Hyatt spent countless hours strolling around the city and the county listening to who we are.  As is often the case he found treasures in places and spaces where even those of us most familiar with the area would over look.  Listen and rediscover the movement of the Susquehanna or a crisp apple from an orchard.  Join Stuart on a walk from the rural edges of our countryside to the lively center of our urban areas.

The photographs you see here are the artist’s field work for the project.  He intentionally set out to look into the in between spaces of our community.  Asking simple questions and recording the frank answers, he illuminates simultaneously the closeness and distance between those of us who live here in Lancaster City and Lancaster County.

The initial committee organizing this project remains committed to seeking out the in between spaces. We believe what makes Lancaster City and Lancaster County unmatched, is truly its people; not just stereotypes, religious practice or economic brackets but all of us.

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