VOLUME • October 18-December 6, 2016

VOLUME • October 18-December 6, 2016

From the Curator

This exhibition is centered on the idea of sound, space, and growth and what happens when one singular voice, thought or idea is multiplied and magnified. Throughout history, and today, our collective female voice has been softer, easily cast aside. This show is about changing that dynamic; it is about turning up the volume. The artists featured represent a multitude of female voices that surround and inspire me. Each artist has approached the idea of volume and voice uniquely, but with the common themes of this exhibition drawing them together. The selection of art in this show also focuses on the color pink; a color that represents diverse and complex cultural ideals. Obviously, pink is intrinsically tied to the idea of femininity, but also has other connotations; Rose (colored glasses), Pink (elephant), Blush (cheeks), In the Pink (good health), Pink Clouds (being high). Pink can be fun, light and easy as a giggle but alternately it's dusty velvet depth can carry the weight of ages. Regardless of our age, race, gender, some part of every person is pink, and this color means something different to us all, although we might not acknowledge it. We will acknowledge it here; in VOLUME, we celebrate, we remember, we observe and we listen to what we might not have heard before.

Leigh Suggs, Curator

Artists Included
Meg Arsenovic
Erika Diamond
Andrea Donnelly
Hillary Waters Fayle
Mary Fleming
Celia Gray
Carli Holcomb
Susan Iverson
Kathleen Kennedy
Rachel Meginnes
Sarah Nance
Mia Yoon

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Gallery Director
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